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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web sitebeacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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Bat Ray

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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site
Image and information California Department of Fish & Game

Fishing Quote: Only dead fish swim with the stream. -- Muggeridge, Malcolm 

Description: The bat ray has a distinct head that is elevated above the disk. The tail is whip-like and as long or longer than the width of the disk with the sting located just behind the body. The color is dark brown to dark olive or almost black above and white below. This species can be distinguished from manta rays or mobulas (that rarely occur off California) by the absence of the arm-like projections manta rays and mobulas have on their heads.

Range: Bat rays are found from the Gulf of California to Oregon, from surface waters to depths of 150 feet.

Natural History: Bat rays feed chiefly upon mollusks and crustaceans. In bays and sloughs they feed heavily upon clams, oysters, shrimp and crabs. On the open coast they eat abalones and various other snails. When feeding, they swim along the bottom until they encounter currents of water expelled from the siphons of clams. They dig clams by suction created by flapping their wings. The shell of the ingested clam is crushed by their millstone like jaw teeth. Mating takes place during the summer months and the young are born alive, apparently the following summer, when they are 12 to 14 inches in width and weigh about 2 pounds. The young are always born tail-first with their wings rolled up over the body. They come equipped with a stinger and can cause severe painful wounds. Females apparently weigh at least 50 pounds and males 10 pounds before they are mature. Females of 50 to 60 pounds usually have two to four young; whereas, females of 130 to 140 pounds may have 10 or 12 young. 

Fishing Information: Most sport fishing for bat rays takes place in protected bays and estuaries. Although bat rays may be taken in the open ocean, anglers prefer to catch them in sheltered waters. Heavy tackle is recommended since anglers often encounter large rays. Favorite baits include shrimp, clams, crabs or even cut mackerel. 

Other Common Names: sting ray, eagle ray, batfish, stingaree, bat sting ray. 

Largest Recorded: Width 4 feet, 9 inches; 181 pounds. 

Habitat: Shallow Sandy Environment 

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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site