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Chuckie Stubbs

Long time Beacon's local Chuck Stubbs passed away on August 23, 2003. Read the kind eulogy written by his family beneath the second picture below and then add any comments you desire - thanks :)

Chuckie has surfed the seas, since Beacon's was scrub brush and desert. His sons now surf.

Please feel free to add any thoughts or comments about Chuck, we will add your comments to this page.

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Your comments

Thank you for your comments.
Please read the eulogy below :)

In honor of:
Charles William Stubbs
March 26, 1926 - August 23, 2003

Eulogy presented on August 26, 2003 by T. Patrick Stubbs
Dad's Faithful Student, Loving Son, and Eternal Friend

Thank you all, for being here today

Our family has experienced extraordinary kindness and love during Dad's brief illness 

Several times I've been asked, "How you doing?" 

And the only response that seemed appropriate was

As Dad would say, "If I was doing any better, I wouldn't know how to act."

It has been requested that I be brief. I'll try, but it's difficult when your talking about a man that you loved

An open minded, Christian man who did not judge people based on their religious beliefs, color or position in life

I've been asked to be serious and reverent. I'll try, but for some of you he was Popsie - at some point - 

Popsie the clown

To paint broad strokes across the canvas of the life that was Charles W. Stubbs to some, 

Chuck, Dad and Popsie to others, 

One begins in Detroit Providence Hospital in Michigan and travels with the RKO circuit in the east, with Vaudeville, 

Then along Route 66, which Dad did several times, to Culver City and the back lot of Metro Goldwin Meyer. 

MGM Studios and the Motion Picture industry had an impact on Chuckie Stubbs, as the credits referred to him,

It kept Dad, Mimi and Papa here in California. It was a time when there was little work but Dad found some in the movies. He held parts in Babes from Toyland, Boys Town, They Shall have music, the Our Gang series and others far to numerous to mention here. 

The photos and scripts we've seen all have dad surrounded by his buddies, which would prove a theme throughout his life. 

Dad loved people.

Dad moved on through Hamilton High School, the US Army Air Corp, the University of Southern California, 

(a source of humor and Rivalry for some in the family)

And into business.

Actually, several businesses

A Retired Lithographer - He was an entrepreneur at heart

Nothing happens until somebody sells something 

And he would Sell, as we would be Sold

He was proud that he provided work for many. And those that he worked with, 

Those that he employed loved him as family.

His word was his bond. Often times there were no contracts, a simple handshake and his word. 

Dad not only loved he trusted in people.

His love for people and the community brought him into the public's eye when as a Director for the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce he acted as chairman for the 29th Los Angeles Open for which he was proud to have produced some of the first Live local and Network Television coverage of a golf tournament

Dad's life was not without its character builders. 

Many don't realize that he had cheated death once before, Fifty years ago, as a survivor of Polio. 

And, suffered from the inability to swallow properly for the balance of his life.

Dad didn't miss too many things in life,

Especially those occasions involving his family, friends, children, and,

Later in life,

His grand children. 

Dad loved being surrounded by people especially when it involved his children and grand children.

Sports were a big part of Dad's life. 

Playing Basketball with my brothers, 

He had this jump shot that drove Tim, Tom's and Ted's peers nuts. 

He would school us on the Golf Course and the tennis courts.

He loved to play with and watch his grand children participate as well. No matter what sport? 

Cross-country running, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, 


If he could 

He would be at the event.

Dad loved his grand children and the People that rooted for them.

He'd even strike up a game of cards, chess, or pool with the kids and every once in a while they would get the best of him and he'd just smile like a proud Popsie 

Beacons was Mom and Dad's permanent retirement home.

Once when asked by a prospective neighbor about Beacons 

He responded, "do you like people?" 

The individual responded, "yes"

"Then you'll love living at Beacons" dad replied. 

Dad loved living on the edge

At Beacon's

And he loved all of the cousins visiting Beacons each summer

Dad loved women; think about it, He lived across from a public beach

He loved the mothers of his grandchildren, the wives of his sons and his daughter

Ka Trinkas Pinkas Too!

Dad loved mom. 

In fact, 

He loved her so much he sent her out of town to visit as often as possible to Sequoia, Tennessee, New Mexico, Sonoma, Hawaii to visit my brothers and their children

While gone he'd do a little remodel here or fix-it job there

She'd return so happy and relaxed that soon she'd 

Be off to the desert, the flower fields, Coronado or, as Dad would say, anywhere her boyfriend Art would take her. 

Dad loved Mom. 

By the way, he also loved the garden that Mom surrounded him with, 

Although he was convinced that he was the only one in the family that knew how to roll up a hose. 

Dad loved Mom

At any rate, 

as Dad would say, 

It is difficult at best to sum-up one's life in a few minutes. So, on behalf of Mom, Tim, Terri, Tom, Ted, Our spouses and Popsie's grandchildren, I'd like to invite you all back to Beacons following the Service at Mission San Luis Rey 

Chuck Stubbs and the Rhythm Kings won't be able to play

But join us along with the sounds of Pete Fountain, Glen Miller, and Benny Goodman 

(And maybe even a few of the Stubbs kin) 

To celebrate the life of a Humble Husband, Fantastic Father, a great Grandfather, and loyal friend.

Charles William Stubbs, Chuck, Dad, and forever Popsie.

Teddy Stubbs
Tommy Stubbs
Timmy Stubbs
Pat Stubbs

Name: Linda

Comments: I've never lived (or been) at beacon's Beach without Chuck Stubbs being in this world. It's a very lonely feeling without him. When you think of a positively "stand up" type of a guy, when you reference a solid, inherently good person, when you say that someone is "salt of the earth" and of pristine character -- all describe Chuck Stubbs. And his sense of humor -- his wicked, wicked sense of humor! What a guy! What a loss for us. God: 1. Humans: 0. [You're always with us, Chuck, but you know that....].

How You Knew Chuck: he has been my neighbor for the last 14 years.

Name: Krista

Comments: Popsie was a very good guy with a big heart. And a guy with lots humor. I got to know him 2 summers ago and I will never forget the awsome summer I had there because of Mimi and Popsie.There house was so welcoming to me and I want them to know I really appreciated it thank you.

How You Knew Chuck: I am a very good friend of his grand-daughter Amanda

Name: Chuck Helsel

Comments: In this crazy mixed up world we live in, we are blessed to share time with kind and loving people. After reading T-Pat's eulogy, it is clear that as a parents of young children, we need to be more like Chuck Stubbs. He was a role model to all of us.
Life is about the love, caring and kindness that Chuck always shared with all of us. It was obvious he was a great husband, parent, grandparent and friend and enjoyed his role!

How You Knew Chuck: From spending time with T-Pat and Marti

Name: LeVonne BENJAMIN Cooke

Comments: My husband, Lawson, and I have been honored to meet up with Chuck and Hildegard since we retired in San Diego, and have enjoyed many socials together, along with Joyce IVORY Lea and Zelma TAYLOR and Chuck Borkowski.
Joyce, Lawson and I were privileged to attend their 50th wedding anniversary party and meet their lovely family members gathered there. We have been saddened by Chuck's illness and demise, and will miss him, but we will keep his dear Hildegarde in our midst. LeVonne "Bonnie" Cooke

How You Knew Chuck: Alexander Hamilton High School Class '43

Name: Robert Leonard

Comments: Miss him, great guy, great family. What an inspiration!

How You Knew Chuck: Long time family friend, also worked together with Chuck during 2001.

Name: Rainbow Page

Comments: chuck stubbs,was one of the greatest men in my life,there for me like a father,when my own dad was not..give me the feeling of welcome always,with uncondtional love...he was a man that help you beleive in the great in man,because he shared his greatness with all,no matter who you were,an open heart you would find in this golden soul of a man.chuck was a father of all fathers,you can see that in his loving family,passing on his lingage of love,thank you Mr Stubbs,i will always love you and draw from your light amen.

How You Knew Chuck: like a father to me

Name: Joyce Ivory Lea

Comments: What a great friend Chuck always was. I knew his parents as well, and they too were great people. Chuck's dad gave my son a night job at the post office to help him get through college. They were like that!

I shared a wonderful event with Lawson and LeVonne Cooke when we attended Chuck and Hildegard's 50th anniversary at their son and daughter-in-law's home, Pat and Marty.

Chuck touched so many lives. The list must be endless. He will be missed.

How You Knew Chuck: I met Chuck on my 16th birthday. I was one of his Alexander Hamilton High School friends in Culver City, CA

Name: Jim Winniman

Comments: I was lucky enough to meet Mr. & Mrs. Stubbs at their home near Beacons many years ago. They made me feel instantly comfortable and at home, like just another of the Stubbs clan. It stood out in my mind how warm they were and what a great sense of humor Chuck had...always ready to laugh at himself or a situation... A quality the world needs more of. I always felt the Stubbs kids were exceedingly lucky to have been blessed with their parents... And more importantly, they know it. Chuck will always remain a part of the history of Beacons and I know will be greatly missed by anyone that knew him. Chuck...My most Sincere and Warmest Aloha to you.

How You Knew Chuck: Ted Stubbs his son has been a friend for about 30 years.

Name: John F. Helmer

Comments: Although we are gone from Beacons, various members of my family lived next door to the Stubbs for many years, including my grandparents (Jack and Dorothy) as well as my wife Normandy and myself.

Chuck and Hildegard were great neighbors. Always so friendly you just wanted to hang out and talk to them. Although many years have past, I will always have good memories of these fine people.

How You Knew Chuck: We lived next door for several years

Name: Stephen Bruns

Comments: I've known Chuck & Hidegard for as long as they lived @ Beacon's. I see Hidegard regularly @ 5:00 Mass @ St. John's, Sat evenings. For years I've been the first one out @ dawn patrol, starting even before I "teamed-up with another "goofy-foot" @ dawn....Tom Mason...together...getting as much as we could, before the "picnic-benches-with-fins" came out. We would always converse with Chuck, as he walked that "Attack-dog". What a gentle, sweet man, that someday, I can "grow-up" to be. Hildegard knows that she and her family are in my prayers. Chuch doesn't need them...he's with his "BOSS". Love,
Stephen Bruns

How You Knew Chuck: from surfing Beacon's since 1965....

Name: Toni Fleischmann

Comments: The precious love you, Hildegarde, had for your dear husband was so evident. What a blessed family you all were. I wish I could have known Chuck too! God will take care of you Hildegarde and fill up the empty spaces around your wonderful memories...thank you for sharing your loss so openly with me!

How You Knew Chuck: I didn't, but I felt like I did, after meeting Hildegarde recently on a airlines flight.

Name: Bob Nelson

Comments: Chuck was a great guy. Always happy and quite a kidder. As kids we all knew him as Mr. Funny. He will be missed. Hildegard, all my families love goes out to you.
Love and Aloha,

How You Knew Chuck: Chuck's family lived in the same neighhood as we did. We went to school with all his kids. My folks played Bridge with Chuck and Hildeguard for years.

Name: Wally/Wayne buckingham

Comments: Chuck always made time to walk over with Mitsie his dog we just guy talk! he was very cool and we all miss him!!!We Love Mrs Stubbs!!! the gang at the south end of the parking lot."Beacons Vampire Surf Club"

How You Knew Chuck: from hanging out at Beacons

Name: Kimberly Marsh

Comments: Chuck and Hildegard and all their kids became part of my family the moment I married Steve Marsh. The Stubbs family played an integral part in the development of who my husband is today. Steve was an only child; however, the Stubbs kids always made him feel like he had plenty of brothers and one beautiful sister. Because of them, he was never alone and understands the value of an extended family. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this special group of people. During my last visit with Chuck (about 1-2 months before he passed away), he remained one of the sweetest, funniest, and kindest men I have known in my life. Steve and I will love him always and will be there for Hildegard whenever she needs us.

How You Knew Chuck: Friend of the Family

Name: Teddy

Comments: Dad,
Your Trojans won today (1/01/2004) they kicked ass in the Rose Bowl. I know you were watching, especially when I saw an interception off the receivers heel. Go Trojans. Thank you for being there. Stay close to us and help us. Life is especially good, but I do miss being able to share it with you. I still blame all the good things I do on you, always will. And will try my best to keep your sense of humor foremost in my heart and doings. Every time I put a laugh in someones life or a smile on their face I think of you.
Don't ever worry about mom, Terri and Pat are above and beyond the call of duty. We are all there for her.

Dad, I love you, miss you and will never forget what you taught me. You're the BEST. And will be with me always.

Save a spot for me in heaven.


How You Knew Chuck: I am his #4 child (#3 son). I knew him as the best father and friend a person could have the honor of knowing. My mentor, my dad. Just the BEST!

Name: Big Ben/Jeff Clave

Comments: I've known Chuck and his lovely wife Hildagard for 25 years. I knew them when their little red house was their home before they built their current home. I always park my car in front of their house and through the years got to know Chuck and Hildagard. Chuck was an early riser so he could take his dog for a walk. He would always stop and visit with all of us checking out the surf. He will be missed as part of the Beacons culture. God bless him and his family.

How You Knew Chuck: Surfing at Beacons Beach

Name: Tim Stubbs

Comments: Dad always said that the most valuable thing that one can possess is the love of family and friends.

He truly did demonstrate that throughout his life. He loved and was loved by his entire family and by the entire Beacons family. This is his legacy.

In his latter days he roamed the parking lot with his little dog (and the pooper stuff) hoping to talk to any and all of those who cherish Beacons and hang out there. He loved talking to each and every person no matter who they were or what they did.

He lived the Beacons Spirit. May it remain as Chuck's legacy a great place for family and friends to enjoy each other's love.

How You Knew Chuck: Son

Name: Tommy Stubbs

Comments: It has been almost a half of a year since my best fried and Dad passed away. I miss the two to three time aweek phoning him to fill him in on my life. I often think of Dad out of habit as I commute two hours a day or drive to visit Alli and Gabe because these were the times that I would get on my cell phone to call him. Of course I would always call Dad on his Cell phone because anything that was "high tech" always added excitement to dad's day. I REALLY missed Dad this year when UCLA (my alma mater) got their asses kicked by USC (Dad' figure it out) in football. I know that Dad would have looked forward to that phone call...of course I would have waited until 10 pm to make it, knowing that Dad had just fallen asleep...he would always wake up and be so happy that I had phoned. A couple of weeks ago the unthinkable happened and UCLA got their asses kicked in basketball by USC. Now there is one call that I prayed God I could make "through the veil"--just to hear the joy that would be in Dad's voice. Dad, I miss you. I miss calling your dog "Skitzy or Fritzy" anything but "Mitzie" in you presence. I know how much that annoyed you and you never said it did. I miss all the laughing and "inside" jokes (especially involving Mom) that were so normal and natural--they just flowed. They are not flowing anymore and, oh how I miss that! This first half year without you has been tough but I'm hanging in there. I miss you more than word could say.

How You Knew Chuck: I am one of his four sons

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