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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

>> Great Beacons site!!!! Aloha, I just checked out Kenzie's site and it is great!!!!! Its the best local type site I have ever seen..... She has sure grown to a smart girl. I remember when she was so young. I bought a condo on the Big Island...Hawaii. Its right by the beach and about a mile from my favorite surf spot. I surf all the time and now I golf. I play when ever theres no swell. I hope all is good for you guys. Tell any one who knows me and who cares that I said HI. Stay in touch. Aloha Zoe' <<

>> i was wondering if you guys could get a cam like on the beach because you cant see the waves from this cam but its great to see who's there. thanx a bunch i love your site! local beacons resident, cassie <<

>>I enjoyed visiting and I laughed my ass off a couple of times. I will be in Carlsbad in August for a week. Is this beach north? I didn't see a location. Peter <<

>>Ever since I was a little kid, I have spent summers with my grandparents in a little house two blocks from Beacons. My grandparents are gone, but the house is still in the family. Next week I'll be taking my family for a week's vacation at that same house. Needless to say, I was very surprised to find your web site! The updates are great. I am looking forward to walking on the new sand, checking out the palapa, and of course, surfing on my longboard at Beacons. Hopefully the red tide is gone. Damon <<

>>What a great site! Congratulations and best of luck to you and your family. 

We will be visiting family in the San Diego area for a week beginning 
Do you know of any good sources for surfing lessons? My 11-year-old 
daughter, Alisa, has taken a few lessons the last couple summers on the east 
coast, but would still be considered a beginner. 

Any advice or direction you could provide would be appreciated! <<

>>I am a skateboarder. I am looking for a sponsership. IF you are interested write me back. i can send you pics or video. But pics are easier to get for you.I have many years of experince and have mastered many tricks. If your looking for someone to sponser that me. If your interested write me back i can send pics and maybe video<<

>>Kenzie of Leucadia,
My name is Lawrence of Leucadia and I'm the one who puts on the 4th of July parade each year. The costume I wear is the Uncle Sam beard, blue & white pin stripe suite jacket & the crazy red, white & blue polyester pants. I heard about your site through a friend & started laughing when you mentioned the parade. Next year it shall grow & thanks for enjoying it.
Peace-Lawrence of Leucadia <<

>>Hey Proud Papa! Caught the article on your little entrepreneur in Sundays paper. Guess she won't need any scholarships for college. Congratulations Rod... America needs parents like you and Linda. Take care. Jerry<<

>>Great story in the paper about you. And beautiful web site. Sarah<<

>>Great website. Tim <<

>>Great page! Put in the grunion run charts! Kathy<<

>>She is going to be internationally known at the age of 11yr - what a way to go... Glenda <<

>>Aloha- I am a local surfer of Beacons and I enjoy your website. I was talking with Chuck, the grand old man of Beacons :-) and he said there was a surf contest at Stonesteps coming up on 18 August. Is this for real? how do I enter? Thank you for the help and hang ten. Your friend in Surfing-Amy <<

>>You are such a smart girl ! good for you! congratulations on all the good stuff you are accomplishing. Isabel<<

>>Thanks for all the laffs! It was all the info on waves, weather, parking, etc., for surfer's and non-surfers, that made me 'have to' drop this 'e' your wave. My stomach feels like a big belly-flop from fallin' over wit all the giggles 'n chuckles. Glad I stumbled onto your site while doin' some nite-time surfing .... I'm a 1st year surf newbie, and now thanks to you, I have absolutely no idea what to expect with my first rides at your hang, tho' it will seem 'epic' ... just by having the guts (and curiosity) :-) Dave<<

>>All these locals are longboarders what about the groms that kill like Justin, Dewey, Timmy, Tanner, jeff,and rey-j... baylee aint even a local she's at moonlight everyday and half the people on this site never come her any more.... LBS ...that's why the groms dont come to beacons anymore because the locals are longboarders on every wave and cut you off get mad at you... they think there the biggest locals in the world but the groms are just as local................................ THE GROMS\Locals <<

>>Hey Rod & Kenzie,
I really like your site! You outta check out our business web-site:  You'll recognize the guy with the yellow "Rusty", and the beach is Ponto.
Having surfed Beacon's, Grandview, Tomato Patch since 1965 ( I was one year old), it's great to see Beacon's get its due on your site...Keep it up! Unlike the surf now.....
The South Peak Dawn Patroler<<

>>I read about your site in the union and sent the article to my niece who is going to school at UC Santa Cruz to become a marine biologist. She grew up in Encinitas and I know she will enjoy visiting your site!
Great job and good luck to you and your future!

>>Congrats to Kenzie! This is so rad! Tell her I admire her so much. Hey, I noticed the cool little graphic at the bottom of the site - how cute - looks like you & Kenz. And I agree with Bobbie - what a neat little girl.

>>Found your site looking for good camping spots. Enjoyed your sense of fun. Thanks, Kim<<

>You have a nice site here need to take care of the angle you put the camera. All you see is kelp beds. Lets get a little closer to the surf . Isn't this whats its all about? Other than that, it's pretty cool site........later. Bob<<

>> Great pictures! Nothing like what you've got down there out here. The tour brought back some good memories! Who are the kids playing in the sand in the carefree day shot? No matter, I saw that one in my mind a bunch of times, Kim & Tyler sure were lucky to spend time like that! l8tr paul<<

>>Just found your site: the news of local events and and wow, more sand at Beacons! the picts on the top of grandview looking down the road past our old home and the picts looking down the grandview staircase... brings back many 'grand' memories. thanks! <<

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