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I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

Your web page provides me with endless hours of entertainment!!
Please keep up the great web work!!
Da Reefpig<<

>>cool slide show, thx / bil
Bill Dunn <<

>>Just took a look at your "Beacon's Beach" website.....what a great effort!. Am writing to verify "grandpa Heitzmans" memory. I remember "entering" the Beacon Inn after it was closed down and after it had already been broken into, probably around 1962-63. My only memory of the place was boxes and boxes of unbroken glasses, probably from the bar. I also remember that all of the beaches had sand. Those were the day's of "skinny" surfing at Hansen's, Pipes and Swami's. Seldom did you have to worry about being "caught" as we ( two or three of us) were the only people that would get in the water before 8 a.m. Alway's was partial to Pipes because of the shape. and the glassy conditions due to the sea grass. Nice job on the website Kenzie......brought back many good memories. I miss the coast and the early day's of surfing. Butch VanArtsdale (God rest his soul), Mike Hynson, Skip Frye, and Phil Edwards......all old hero's of mine. must also include "big surf" of Wind n' Sea fame.....I think that his feet can still be seen. Anyone remember him?
Thank's for listening,
Bill "Grandpa too" Tormey (56)<<


O.K. who's "Dad"? Is it Rod? I was a former local at Beacons affectionately called "Dr. Surfsalot" (usually only by Rod though, who is the known computer wizard of the local tribe). I was usually part of the early morning crowd. I lived in a totally cool house on Eolus Avenue in Leucadia, but alas moved to Wilmington, North Carolina five months ago. Surfers here think I was crazy. Indeed, the surf here cannot come close to Beacons. Surfing is immensely popular here, but I really can't for the life of me figure out why. The surf basically kind of sucks. But, it still has surf and the water is 85 degrees in the summer!

If you have "connections" to Crazy Dave, please tell him I said hello. He lived in my quest house for a while and is a totally cool guy. He does great manual work of any kind, including skilled labor and I would be happy to recommend him personally to anyone. If you can, please e-mail an address where I can send a letter to him ( I doubt he has a computer - if you know him you would know why).

If you are not Rod, do you have his e-mail address? ( If you really are a local, you would know who Rod is - he lives in the duplex directly east of the Beacons parking lot).

How about Ted Myers? He's the guy who usually comes in the early mornings with a 10 foot high visibility yellow board that can be tracked by high altitude spy planes. He has been doing a lot of remodeling at his place on Burgundy the last few months so I bet he hasn't been much of a presence lately.

Don't worry, I know you probably can't do a lot of favors for people like this so I would not be surprised if you blow me off. That's cool anyway. I have your site on my list of favorites and will spread the good word! I REALLY MISS BEACONS!

"Dr. Surfsalot"<<

>>THANK YOU VERY MUCH , right now Im being held captive in a far off land (no view of the ocean) ,recovering from cancer - I spent my early years at BEACONS & STONE STEPS (a.k.a. seaside gardens) surfing and enjoying what the beach had to offer - If your stories are true about Stone Steps , they existed when I helped run the show there (in the day when Neptune went both ways) -PAZ Y AMOR GARRY M.I.A. (missing in Arkansas)<<

>>Hey Kenzie,
My name is Natalie and I live in NJ. In the summer, I go to my Beach house in Ocean City where they have some great waves. I started surfing when I was 11, last year! And I wanted to do it sooooo bad! I got 2 surfboards for Christmas and I hope to have a great time this year!
a.k.a. Nat<<

>>Loved your photo tour from Beacons to Grandview. I've been surfing there since I was a kid in 1967. It's tough working in Bakersfield and driving to Leucadia a few times per year. It must be great to live there!
David in Bakersfield<<

>>Hi Kenzie, 
I was impressed with your site. I'm an aging surfer here in Encinitas who retired 2 years ago and developed a new product to deal with my advanced Surfer's Ear (diffuse exostosis). I have two wetsuit & surf accessory companies ready to manufacture the product in Mexico and China. 
     The product is a headband-style ear protector to keep ears warm. As you probably know...warm water surfer's don't develop surfer's ear. 
     The headband approach is better than plugs because you can hear through the lightweight neoprene ear panel; and it's better than a hood because it will retail for ~$10. 
I'm building a website ( to advterize and sell product. I hope to attach other features like surf and weather conditions as well. 
Best Regards, Scott <<

>>Hi Kenzie,
Great job on the website - keep up the great work. 
     I used to live in Encinitas on 5th above Moonlight back in the mid 60's. How many can remember when Swamis had a locked gate at the top of the bluff/stairs? I remember walking from Moonlight to Swamis to get in before the gate opened at 8:00 AM.
     Now, I've returned after many years - now living in Leucadia just off Hygia. It's great to be back in paradise and surfing North County!
Thanks, Denys<<

>>Thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour of the beach, especially all the shots of Moonlight Beach and Stone Steps Beach. I lived just a few doors south of Stone Steps on the bluff side in the 1980's. I was a teacher at Paul Ecke Central School. When I got married, we moved to an apartment just south of Moonlight Beach. Eventually we moved north to Dana Point, San Clemente, and now we're in Seattle, WA. I often miss the beauty and relaxed bachelor days when I lived on the bluff at Stone Steps. Your photos brought back wonderful memories. Well done! I'll return to this site often.

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