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I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

>>Please publish this under "The Local Word" as promised, on your website ( "Mom also said that I should publish anything as long as no bad words. . ."

Dear Kenzie:
Please pass this on to your parents. Please do not take this note personally, it is meant as advice to your parents, who's emails I couldn't find on the web site, even as contributing authors. I understand that you are very young and that you are not fully responsible for this site.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: Kenzie is only responsible for the good stuff >>

Please ask them to think truly within their hearts about this since they are affecting many people with their project.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: Jim, thanks for your well thought out note. I will share it with others. I will have my daughter upload this and send you the url when complete - please note that typically it takes her a week or so to get to stuff like this...:) >>


To Rod:
I was delighted hear that someone is writing lovingly and humorously about surfing and the great soulful pursuit that it is.

But when I found your site and noted that it specifically promoted Beacon's, it was a real bummer. Why exploit one of the coast's last local surf spots? What is the benefit to us as a community of you "selling surfing" at Beacon's. It is antithetical to so much of what surfing is about: quiet days with friends. Getting away from it all. Being with Nature. Dancing with the swell.

This is a huge mistake that I think you will realize as you become more atuned with surfing and the lifestyle.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: ahh, you mean the spirit of Aloha and sharing; or the spirit of hiding information and intense localism? :)) >>

Surfing is fragile. It must be protected not exploited. You are commercializing it and pumping the public consciousness about Beacon's. I was born here, have been surfing Beacon's since 1974, taught surfing there, shaped boards on the cliff, lifeguarded Beacon's, lived on the bluff, etc.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: You are definitely a local and have great perspective about Beacons.>>

I know of what I speak and am so sorry that this site exists in the form it does. Why not write about surfing as what it is, without exploiting it?

<< Rod's RESPONSE: Also, while i understand your perspective, i would like to offer a few reasons why exists:

1) we love it - it is a small tribute to wonderful piece of earth... much the same way you devoted energies to founding of Earth Day in San Diego, as an effort of something you believe in. We believe in Beacons. My wife, daughter and I actually pick paper and trash from the beach. We call the cops when there is a problem, such as when the new life guard towers went in and some tourists started a camp fire UNDER the life guard tower, potentially damaging it, and we call Sea World when the stranded sea lions require help. I am not shy about telling locals and tourists alike to stay on the trail and not cut the corners further damaging the trail.

So, i will offer you, that our site is much more than an exploitation or commercial... >>

You have missed a very soulful path with this move. The surfcam, the videos. . . Why not charge admission? I am sorry, I cannot support this site or the misguided values behind it. You damage what you do not understand; you seek profit from what is too fragile to support it.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: I see a lot of people talking about how they love Beacons... but I see very few taking action to do something about it; such as going to city council meeting (we have), calling the newspaper when the city pumps rain water directly into the ocean when 101 and Leucadia Blvd floods and, as with the site, taking the time to produce this site... and more. We support Beacons with this web site. >>

My friends who publish some of the surfing magazines have been themselves struggling to try and speak less about specific locations and more about the simplicity, joy, and the feeling of surfing.

I remember when you moved into the neighborhood and was happy to see you learning to surf and to take on the vibe with the rest of us.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: I have finally made that move in my surfing ability from "Barney" to "Kook." Thanks for noticing my decade of improvement. >>

You made freinds easily and seem to have a good attitude in the water. Thank you for that and more power to ya; but to imagine you are qualified or justified to represent Beacon's or the community there is a mistake and smacks of presumptuousness.

Do you really want to tell the local who posts "Hey, dude, don't you be putting any surf cams up about beacons..." that "Sorry, duuuude, the surf cam is up." What does that sort of response convey to you? I could tell you what it conveys to me, my friends, and my family: disrespect.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: it provides a history of beacons, which, one day after the new stairs go through, will be quite telling, quite sad and quite remorseful >>

You are quoted in today's paper in an article about the proposed Swami's style stairs, lights, and lifeguard tower that you "hope the beach won't lose the unique character afforded it by the difficulty of public access." My God! How can you reconcile this statement with your activities? And to do it in the name of your 10-year-old daughter?

<< Rod's RESPONSE: It allows my daughter to nurture her creative powers and learn about software, hardware, the Internet, organization, now digital camera skills as she takes most of the pictures and... alas, sadly, but realistically, politics :0

It provides my daughter with a meager source of income derived from sales of surf video's et al via Amazon, maybe one day she will want to buy a 1991 300e, so she has to start saving somewhere :)) >>

Shame on you! Leave it alone. Respect the beach, the people, and the culture. Please revise your site with this in mind.

<< Rod's RESPONSE: I have surfed here for 15+ years and lived across the street from it for about 12 years. We have had the Beacon's site since early '98 and while I can say that a few locals have said, "Oh, you are the one with the site." I have never met someone who said they were drawn to beach break that is very non-descript and has another hesitation factor in the access to the beach down a 100 foot bluff.

Also, many of the local surfers tell me they check the cam in early afternoon to see if they should blow off work. >>


<< Rod's RESPONSE: anyways, i will post your response - and i DO APPRECIATE your perspective :) >>

Keep Leucadia Funky

Ahh, at least we agree on one thing ::))

To all visitors of Keep those cards and letters coming. We want your comments. <<

>>Hi Kenzie,
Very cool site.

<< Kenzie's RESPONSE: thanks for visiting. hope u like the site.>>

My son surfs Beacons so I'm there alot.

<< Kenzie's RESPONSE: send a pic, and you will be on our site >>

If I do my
weather report for 10 News from there, we would love to interview you on TV.

<< Kenzie's RESPONSE: hi, that sounds kinda scary, but i am willing to try it. thanks for the letter >>

Keep up the good work.

<< Kenzie's RESPONSE: check out the article the Union Tribune did on me. its way cool. >>

Loren Nancarrow<<

>>I like the site. I live in El Segundo and travel from Ventura to Cardiff Reef. I would visit Beacons just to pick up on the local attitude; which seems to be fairly laid back for the most part. I cannot sense the localism that exists in the Palos Vedes area. To the fellow with whom you had the running dialog. I have a unique perspective concerning your viseral tie to Beacons. I started surfing in the early 60's and have watched the whole coast change from Jalama to San-O. It depress's me to see the population unflux that tax's sewer systems, and covers open spaces with asphalt and house's. It chokes me up to drive to Malibu on an afternoon I have off to catch some waves to see the parking spaces filled with cars of beach goers that are not there to surf. It does say Surf Rider not sunbather beach. You cannot expect things to remain the same. 
Best Regards, coaster<<

>>Kenzie, I used to live above Beacons in the pink duplexes. There are 4 of them. I used to surf there every day. I miss it terribly!!!! Will<<

>>hey first of all this is a rad site. Beacons is where I learned to surf from Kahuna Bob about 7 years ago, when I was 10, and ever since I've gone back there when I get a chance... its my favorite place to go.

I got a question tho... I heard that Veronica sometimes hits up Beacons... is this true? I know she lives in Encinitas or Leucadia or somewhere... I just wanted to know cuz she is cuuuuute. Sander<<

>>Yo Kenzie, Up at City hall is a large old map on a wall in the Services Dept. from I think 1887. Virtually the only landmark in Leucadia was at Beacon's.
But it was called CAVE HOUSE TOWER. Use your imagination! There's no cave house or tower now. (Unless you count a nearby mansion or two as a tower.) When I was a kid there was a remnant of a dirt road that you could drive a car down to the beach on. Since 62, there's been 4 different stairways down to the beach, each clinging closer to the parking lot than the last. I also heard there was a dance hall down on the beach in the 20's were they danced on weekends and could drive down to the beach. Like to find some tangible evidence of that, but so far that one's just hearsay. 
Fred Caldwell / President Leucadia Merchants Association<<

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