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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

>>Hello Kenzie,
What a surprise to find a site on Beacons! This is the place I learned to surf. My aunt and Uncle owend a home in Del Mar in the mid 50's and settled for a home in Leucadia in 1962. They worked the race track circuit in So. Cal. Living down the street from Beacons was a natural for all us kids.In the 60's and 70's you couldn't beat it. North County was it best. I did enjoy the history of Beacons you offered on your site. In the early 80's I moved to Kauai to escape the drugs and influx of the masses.Leucadia is always going to be my home, it's a special place. I wanted to let you know I have some photos of in the water, on the beach, and from the bluff starting from 1959 through 1980. Any interest on displaying any of them please let me know.
Much Aloha, so many memories
ED S.<<

>>Thanks Rod. Good to hear they are finally going to give Beacons some, hopefully, stable stairs without messing up the bluff. I miss those sunsets at Beacons and your site has provided some pleasant memories. Is the camera aimed at the North end of the parking lot, looks like it? Hope you guys are getting some good summer waves and minimal June gloom in May. That I don't miss. Thanks again for creating the site and it's great you are able to involve your daughter in the process and the sport. Not sure if we ever met. I worked for a while at 101 Sports. Thanks again for the view. May be easier for you to post wave and temps at the end of the day instead of predicting them for Beacons in particular.<<

>>Thanks! Great site! Tell me are the 5 - 7 great white shark attacks long or shortborders?

>>We live locally. Great site. Sue<<

>>Hi, I'm from the "stone steps clan." anyway, something about a newsletter? By the way your website shreds.<<

>>Hey gal, Love your site. I use to live down the street at 755 Neptune and had to return to Texas a year ago to take better care of Mom. Any chance you could post daily surf & weather conditions (temp)?  Take care.<<
<< Editor's RESPONSE:  Ask and you will receive: surf & weather report >>

>>Hi kenzie I'm Kirkos the circle man. I'm the one who draws circles on the beach. Latety I've be working at stone steps because the sand is better.<<

I'm working on a documentary for the Discovery Channel on crop circles. I just came across your website and your photographs of sand circles. Can you tell me any more about these beach designs?

>>Weather channel is a great add-on!<<

>>Kenzie -
Just discovered your website as a result of investigating this "Rods & Woodies" series of events that I saw in the local newspaper - VERY NICE! ...and can you sign me up for your newsletter too?
-- Best regards,
-- Arthur<<

>>Hey Kenzie,
I just moved to Encinitas from la jolla. Got over PB and la jolla, but kind of miss my beach (scripps and blacks). But im beginning to fall in love with Encinitas and beacons. Anyways just stumbled on to your website, its great.

>>Hey Kenzie,
     This sounds just like my homebreak here on the Gold Coast. Our line-ups consist of anything and everything and after counting the first 300 people out you give up. We have mals, bodysurfers, boogey-boarders, goatboats(surf-ski's), surfers, clubbieboats, clubbie kayaks...
     So even if my local break snapper is pumping, as I know the swell's over here are way more consistent than there. I still have to venture out in the hope that I come back in with a head still on my shoulders. It becomes a game of let's see, dodgems or smash-em'-up derbies. So I too can understand the frustration and anger of having to deal with the fact that there are just way tooooooo many people surfing these days.
     By the way, your web-site rocks! Keep up the hard work, and I love your sense of humor you crack me up!
Yours in surfing,

>>Hey Kenzie,
     I grew up in Orange County, and use to surf from Huntington to what we called then "Swami's." Is Beacon Bch the same place?
     Am currently living in Seattle, which is a great place in many ways, but weather-wise it is the absolute king of grey skies that I think can actually kill. Today, however, it is sunny, and the air is dry for a change, and my sinuses are singing hallelujahs for sure, God having determined that we Seattle-ites have suffered enough (for the time being, no doubt).
     Anyway, love your website. Just one last question, though, is the A&W still there on PCH in Leucadia? That sure was the pit stop after a day at Swami's.
Doing some heavy California dreamin' today.

>>Hey Kenzie,
Just hit your Beacons site quite by coincidence. Hilarious. I used to surf Beacons every day in the late sixties and early seventies, and I do understand the localism, and I don't blame you. Of course, I also know that the data (ie., 55 minutes between good waves) is bull****, but I understand why your doing it.
Please be kind to the goons, and enjoy your beautiful slice of mother ocean.
Agate Beach, Oregon<

>>Hey kenzie,
I was in the parade this year and was wondering if there was any way that i could get copies of these pictures..IF SO LET ME KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO.<<

>>Hey Kenzie,
Im a web designer by trade and I got to say your site looks rockin!! Its great that you take you two loves and work with em so well. Anywho, just wanted to drop you a line and say that I dig your site!! Have a great day!!!<<

>>Looks like we have a mutual interest in protecting beaches - please visit if you would like to add you voice to ours and stop sand removal from what has been voted one of the most magnificent beaches and bays in the world.

>>Hey guys and gals, Surf looks small today and for the past few weeks?????? You might consider adding a surf report if feasible.... I send lots of traveling surfers from all over the world to your site. Hope all is well. 
Later, Puddy<<

>>Hey I was looking through your site and I found everything I wanted!!! Your site is great!!! Its hard to believe you are only 10 years old!!! Well, I am not much older and I can say that you did a great job!!! 

>>HI-i was thrilled to connect to your site-as a former leucadian-until none of the wetsuit links worked! no wetsuits at any sites or on your site link, either. i tried overstock and rei, etc. any ideas what's happening?
ps. please say hi to kahuna bob if you see him-he was my first coach! i'm surfing in ventura now.
pps. i seek a women's 3/2 spring suit at a good price-thanks-hope you site can connect for me!<<

>>Hi, your site is pretty funny. I discovered by accident surfing the web for beaches in San Diego.
I would like to get on the newsletter having just taken up bodyboarding. When I asked my co-worker Larry Howard about Beacon's Beach, he said he didn't know what the hell I was talking about and that he had never heard of it. I discovered later that in surfer talk that means, "... it's a great place with kickass surf and friendly people, but we dont want others to know about it you hopeless hack..."
See you there if I can ever find it!

>>Hey, kenzie nice site. I used to live in LA COSTA and surf BAMBOOS every day after work. Do you know what happened to JENSEN? used to have a couple of his boards. And what about Trey Sapp, do you know if he still shapes. Thanks, and MUCHO, MAHALO. VC, HYMIE.<<

>>awesome web site

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