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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

>>Hi Kenzi, great website! Keep the stoke of Beacons, Peter<<

>>Hey there, cool web site, As I was going through it, It reminded me of surfing down your way when I was a kid. (in the late 70's n early 80's). A good friend and I would drive down and camp at Cardiff just about every weekend one summer to surf and to visit a couple a North County girls that we had met at Sea World and then began dating while school was out. Man, I remember the waves all through North County and the really fun times we had ridin em on our 7'4" single fin rounded pins (short boards) :-) So, what're all those little comments about "the locals" that I kept comin across while I was reading? You guys have locals?!? No offense fellas but "HA!!!!" You guys don't even know what localism is!!!.. I mean ,who are the "locals" at Beacons?!? Ha! ha, ha...Anyhow...Thanks again for all the fun memories guys. Oh, and a little something else. Before you all start puttin your names on web sites and feelin a little too high and mighty with your tribes n clans n locals n things. Digest, understand and accept this well known fact about the surf in your "localized areas' The waves are almost always mushy and soft at Beacons and its surrounding reef/beach breaks no matter what the swell size and/or direction. And if you don't think so, then besides being a souther, your a kook!!! And, you just don't know any better. I'm sorry surfer Joe but thats just the way it is...Where I live. the waves ARE snappy/hollow and quick. And the locals?... Well, if you haven't heard, then you ARE a kook!!! And I'm sorry but you'd better do a little checkin around before you do a road trip up this a way.....
Silver Strand Beach
Oxnard <<

>>aloha kenzer.... wow, you are quite impressive with your computer skills. maybe i should take lessons from you on how to access my computer better.
can barely return emails and check out the surf reports and then off to work all day and crash each night.
your stuff is cool and keep up the good work.
you go girl!

>>You got it all right.
Your site just gets better and better.

>>Spent lots of time at Moonlight (when they had sand) from Labor Day to Memorial Day. I understand Moonlight is NO more. The hills are covered with condos. Very sad to hear this. Spent most time at Boneyard below Swami's at the nude beach with all of the neighbors and friends. A good friend who lives in Davenport tells me that the mile long pier at Oceanside diverted the sand from Moonlight to points north. We used to take the boards out to the lobster traps to get lobster. Never saw a shark but saw seals and dolphins. Do you still have bonfires on the beach to fry the grunion when they run? I may live in Ohio, but my mind's eye is in Encinitas. mark<<

Love the news letter!!
Keep up the good work!

>>Cool Site!
I'm a transplant, but my wife's dad was born in the house he lives in on La Veta. I've been a SoCal beach nut for 25 years. Hook me up with your newsletter and site updates. I'll be a regular visitor.

>>The stories about how Beacons got its name are pretty much right! There used to be a beacon on the north end, a small one on a wooden tower, as I remember! I've lived in Encinitas since 1946, and surfed Beacons since the late 1950's!
The Lam Master<<

>>Please add me to the beacons beach newsletter. I grew up surfing there, Swamis, 14th St and the likes.... Florida sucks and I need a dose of the good stuff every now and then!
Thanks, J.M. Alexander<<

I am a BIG, BIG, fan of surfing and i think you guys are so cool. I am a surfer my self but i never surfed at beacon beach ill have to go there on my next surf trip, and guess how old i am! [11 years old].
Love shalee<<

>>Thanks for the web site. We drive down from Wrightwood and it's good to have a report before we leave. If you ever come to Mt. High to ski or board, let us know. We work at the Mountain and are on the Ski team, we will give you up to date snow, weather and road conditions

>>Aloha Kenzie,
I really enjoy checking out the Beacons site. I miss it so much. Whenever I see it, I feel like I am looking at home. You are doing a great job. Say Aloha to your Mom and Dad.

>>Encinitas... one of my favorite places in CA. I was there in '97 and again in '98. I had many nice lunches and coffees at the St Germaine Cafe and spent a wonderful afternoon at the Yogananda Hermitage place, so peaceful! Nice memories.
Cheers for now

>>What a great site. Terrific work!

>>This was forwarded to me by my sister. My husband and I are newcomers to Leucadia and Neptune. We just finished a small funky fixer-upper...and kept it that way! We love the neighborhood...definitely "God's pocket"! Please add us to your email list for newsletters.
Lorna (and Craig) Ball

     Way to take the bull by the horns and create a site. I am one of the teachers who surfs Beacons. You may want to include a local named John Fodor. He is also a teacher who has been surfing Beacons since the middle seventies and deserves some recognition.
     Also, tell your dad to consider a polarizer for the camera lens to filter out afternoon sun and glare. 

>>Hey Kenzie 
Great web page, it is really very nice. Did you do all this on your own? What a fantastic job!!! I will look through it some more here soon, and your mom's web page too.
Talk to you - Yours in health.
Dr. Jim<<

>>Hi Kenzie,
     My daughter and I own property just a few blocks from Beacons on Phoebe Street. My name is Vanessa and my daughter who is a professional surfer's name is Veronica Kay. Veronica is on the North Shore right now and travels most of the year for Roxy but I know how she feels about Beacons... she travels the world with Quiksilver/Roxy but loves coming home to Leucadia.
     Anyway, what a nice thing you have done. I had lot's of fun looking over the articles and will definitely be back to read some more.

My name is Jody Chandler. I live in Charlotte N.C. About a year ago i moved to oceanside while attending the Gemological institute of America in Carlsbad. While there i picked up surfing and usually was in the water two or three hours every day, i surfed all of the local breaks there. Since i moved back here i don't know what to do with myself . I miss surfing so much! It was a pleasure to see your site. Thanks

>>Hey Kenzie 
Great web page, it is really very nice. Did you do all this on your own? What a fantastic job!!! I will look through it some more here soon, and your mom's web page too.
Talk to you - Yours in health.
Dr. Jim<<

My name is Amy. I used to surf at Beacons all the time and I love getting your little email clips. I am an honorary member of the Vampire Club with Wally and the gang. I sure do miss them and my favorite break. You see, I am living in Haleiwa Hawaii now. I had to get my big wave quota in!!!! The Triple Crown is going great. We should start the Pipeline Masters tomorrow if this swell continues to build and hold like it is. How is Chuck? Andy? The rest of the guys. Please pass on my warmers regards. Mele Kalikimaka to you!
Aloha and Sunshine,

>>Sorry, but none of these beaches are localized at all except for maybe Grandview. I consider myself a grandview local and get really ticked when kooks come and ride our waves. but seriously, beacons is nothing compared to grandview, i've seen fights at grandview and bodyboarders lifted out of the water by local surfers <<

Nice site, makes me feel kinda homesick, ever since i moved i have missed the beach but you site makes me feel right there..

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