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I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

>>My Mom, age 87, just moved from her Chicago home of 56 years to a house on Neptune a few blocks from Beacon's Beach. She's moved in with my sister, who had to relocate from Swamis Beach area for the sake of the space for Mom. The surfcam thank you is for the way the family left behind can check the weather, maybe see her once in a while (sister is a beach walker). Especially enjoy your site and the attached messages because it suggests a welcoming community for her. So watch for a spry, thin woman in Midwestern clothes and say hello to her.
Bill <<

>>On Sunday a barney old man surfer duckdived a wave, with me behind him, and let go of his board. The board flew strait back and three fins hit me straight in my face; he didn't even say sorry or ask if I was all right even when I came up screaming that is why I hate beacons, and if I was a little bit bigger I would have beat the crap out of that guy right then and there.<<

>>I love the reminds me to check out the website. Lucky you to be able to remain in Paradise despite rising costs, congestion and overbuilding....looking out over the's still all all of us who reluctantly left Eden, Kenzie's world keeps us connected. Thanks.----- Tessa<<

>>Rod, Read your last newsletter and caught the letter from Ari Marsh. I e-mail him, and as it turns out we live within a few miles of each other. Haven't gotten together yet but just found out today. It will be good to surf with a local Leucadian, but we'll have to discipline ourselves to keep the bitch sessions (about our local surf) to a minimum.

I'm not sure which page to believe, the one for surfers  or non-surfers ...either way, I laughed a lot reading both. Enjoy the waves and happy surfing! Lucien<<

>>hey dude that story you told about the trestles comp. you closed because of snakes is true, but even odder is that a cow washed up at sano. there were over 10,000 balls wash up to shore and all from the same storm all in the same day 

i read this in a mag, there are more people every year that die from pig attacks than from shark attacks. kinda odd

later. cole<<

>>I couldn't stop laughing while reading your description of Beacons. You have a great sense of humor.

>>Nice site you have Thanks,

>>I was "surfing" the net and found your site. It gave me a chuckle, thanks. I lived and surfed in San Diego county from the early sixties till the nineties so I have lots of memories of Beacons. I have to admit that your "local conditions" sound depressing to me now. That is probably why I now live in Alaska. I do not surf here now but there is a long board club in Yakutat with some awesome waves. Bring a good wetsuit and try them out.

>>I have really enjoyed your site for a long time. Your commitment to the community is obvious.
Thanks very much for your time.
John H<<

>>Hey Kenzie - 
My name is Janelle and I'm writing you from Kansas City, MO. I'll be coming to San Diego at the beginning of June for the Rock & Roll Marathon (which I'm not sure I'll be able to run, thanks to a bum knee). Regardless of whether I run or not, I'm totally looking forward to spending some time at the beach - and especially boogie boarding. Being from the Midwest, I am somewhat of a moron when it comes to the ocean (don't understand tide charts, etc.). My brother is 31 years old and he has only seen the ocean once (when he was two). I can't wait to take him to the ocean and introduce him to boogie boarding (not that I'm an expert, but I have fun). I'm hoping you can answer a question for me. In years past, I typically sit on Mission Beach, drink beer, and wait until the waves are big enough to ride. Is there a particularly good time of day for boogie boarding? Do I look at the predicted time of day for high tide and go then? If you could give me some tips, that would rock. We're staying in Chula Vista. If you know of anywhere besides Mission Beach to boogie board (friendly to non-natives), that would be great too. Mission Beach is the only place I've ever tried.
Thanks! I enjoyed your Web site. 

>>Hi, we live on Neptune and surf stone steps (most of the time) and I would like to receive your newsletter. Great website by the way! 

>>Hey, this is cool! I used to live in the apts. on Phoebe st. and used to hop the fence @ log cabin to surf. Now, I am fat ,old ,and too far inland for my own good. It is still great to see the spot and remember glassy spring swells and surfing under the full moon. Warm summer days with lots of "rats" playing in the water and the smell of scented wax as I climbed the steps and felt my head collapse when gallons of ocean purged from my nostrils! Ah the simple pleasures of life!!! Thanks for the memories 
Bill in AZ<<

>>I really like your site.  Keep up the good on ya work!

>>Waz up...I used to hang out a moonlight mostly...back in the late 50's when the canteen still served a good burger and their was a juke box and shuffle board game inside. The boss Ho-Dads were Billy and Mickey Garrison, John Ramey, Larry Swain, Curtis and myself (Jimmy Moore) we were "Outside Body Surfers" and showed no fear (Bring on the pounders)....I am thinking of signing up for the World Championships for the over 50 crew...Don't forget Caroline Miller and Sandy England cause they were bad body surfers too.

>>Dear Beacons:
Will You guys have "Fireworks" on the 4th of July? We LOVE Your beach and wanna spend the 4th there!

I love your beacons site!! my husband and I are moving to the area next week. we are renting the house on Diana, it seems like a nice area!!

>>Your site is awesome. Keep up the great work!!! Hopefully one day I will be a good enough surfer to come down and shred at Beacon's Beach!
- Kacey<<

>>Hi Kenzie, wow great site, thank you for putting it together. I'm looking for an old friend of mine that I heard lived down by you and probably surfs Beacons and Swamis a lot. His name is Robert Harris but we used to call him Boob, Yes Boob. He's about 48 years old and I'd love to get in contact with him. My name is Ralph and I live in Las Vegas, If you know of him please get a hold of me at 702-338-2514
Thanks Ralph<<

>>hey kenzie.... we enjoy the reports and emails. keep up the great fine work!
bye for now.

>>Thank you Kenzie for the bluff update!!! I've printed both versions of the proposed parking lot/bluff "re-do's", and I've forwarded it to friends who would care.
Dawn Patrol Stephen<<

>>Thanks for the newsletter, Kenzie. I appreciate the work you put in to updating people on your favorite beach -- it's mine, too!

>>The Vampires just sent me a link to this website. I have to tell you how cool it is to me. Before you think I am looney, let me explain myself. I am a Marine Corps pilot and am currently deployed. I was living in Cardiff before I left and Beacons was my favorite surf spot, Doug and Carolyn even give me an occasional lesson. If it wouldn't be too much trouble to add me to the newsletter, I would love to get it, it reminds me of home! 

>>Dear Kenzie,
I was born and raised on Neptune Avenue where my parents still live. I have transplanted to Chico but would love to hear about that area and what's going on in your newsletter. Please add me to your list for email subscription.
Teresa Detweiler<<

>>I visited Leucadia and Beacons Beach when I was in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. It was cloudy, but still beautiful. We're planning a trip back in late September to visit a friend in Encinitas (hopefully, "June Gloom" will have long passed). Do you know of any good, affordable places to stay in Leucadia for a long weekend? 

>>Spent a week in the area, and was VERY well treated by the locals while longboarding the area , mostly Swamis . Lived at 401 Neptune in 67-68 and was a stone steps local. Looking for a high school/surf bud Andy Dadinas , last seen in Leucadia. Do you know if he's still around had a restaurant?, Aloha, enjoy the site, Bart in Houston BalletStks<<

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