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Image and information California Department of Fish & Game

Fishing Quote: What did the mummy sardine say to her children when they saw a submarine? 
Don't worry, it's only a tin of people.

Family: Pleuronectidae (Right-eyed flounders) 

Genus and Species: Hippoglossus stenolepis 

Description: The body of the Pacific halibut is elongate, rather slender, diamond shaped and compressed. The head is elongate and the mouth is large. Both eyes are on the right side of the body. The color of the body is dark brown to black with fine mottling on the eyed side and white on blind side. The Pacific halibut can be distinguished from the California halibut by looking at the end of the jaw. In the Pacific halibut, it extends to the front edge of the eye, while in the California halibut it extends beyond the eye. 

Range: Pacific halibut occur from Santa Rosa Island, California, to the Bering Sea and the Sea of Japan, at depths from 20 to 3,600 feet. In California, however, most are in nearshore areas from Fort Bragg northward, with the largest numbers being taken by anglers offshore north of California. 

Natural History: The diet of the Pacific halibut includes fishes, crabs, clams, squid and other invertebrates. Females become mature at 8 to 16 years of age (average 12); however, males mature earlier. Spawning takes place from November to January. A large female of 140 pounds may produce as many as 2,700,000 eggs. The eggs and young drift casually with the currents gradually rising toward the surface as development proceeds. When first hatched, the young swim upright; however, they soon start to turn to their left side and the left eye migrates to the right side. By early spring, the transformation is complete and the young settle to the bottom in shallow waters. 

Fishing Information: Recreational anglers have caught Pacific halibut up to 346 pounds, but California anglers would be hard pressed to find a Pacific halibut that large. The fish are typically caught on crab, shrimp, squid, and other invertebrates. 

Other Common Names: alabato, northern halibut, right halibut, genuine halibut, real halibut. 

Largest Recorded: 8.75 feet; 507 pounds. 

Habitat: Deep Sandy Environment

#2: If fish lived on land, which country would they live in? 

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