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Don't Tread On Me: 
The Round Stingray

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beacons beach
Image and information California Department of Fish & Game

Fishing Quote: The difference between a fairy tale and a fish story is a fairy tail begins, "Once upon a time..." and a fish story begins, " This ain't no bull..."

Kenzie's Comments: The sand will attract tons of these critters. HINT: shuffle your feet like crazy this summer so you scare them away and don't get stung by their tail.

What To Do If Stung by a Stingray: Round stingrays are potentially dangerous because of the wounds they can inflict. If an angler is stung, the wound should be cleaned thoroughly and bathed in HOT water. One should see a doctor if pain persists or infection occurs. 

How To Prevent (Minimize) Being Stung by a Stingray: Lifeguard Larry and  Kahuna Bob both agree the best way to not get stung is to not step on them :)  By shuffling your feet as you walk in the warm shallow waters, you will scare these pesky critters and they will leave in fear.

Description: The disk of the round stingray is nearly circular. The back of this species is brown, often mottled or spotted, and the underside is white to orange. The round stingray is one of six rays found in California waters which have a stinger on the tail. It can be distinguished from the others since it is the only one with a true tail fin. The others have either a whip-like tail or very short tail with no fin membrane. 

Range: This species occurs from Panama to Humboldt Bay, California, including the Gulf of California. Round stingrays are most abundant off southern California and northern Baja California at depths up to 70 feet. 

Natural History: Round stingrays obtain much of their food by burrowing in the substrate. Their diet includes worms, crabs, snails, clams and small fishes. It takes 3 months for the round stingray young to develop and they are approximately 3 inches wide at birth. Sexual maturity is reached in 2.6 to 3 years, and mating occurs from May to June and in December. There are one to six pups, depending upon the size of the female.

Fishing Information: Most round stingrays are taken incidentally by anglers fishing for other species. However, should one wish to go after them specifically, marine worms or pieces of clam are good bait. Sandy or muddy bottoms along a beach or in a bay should provide good fishing. 

Other Common Names: ray, stingray, stinger, stingaree. 

Largest Recorded: 22 inches; no weight recorded; however, a male 20 inches long weighed 1.5 pounds. 

Habitat: Shallow Sandy Environment

Fishing Quote: What sits at the bottom of the sea and shivers? 
A nervous wreck.

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