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They are probably buying ineffective banner ads (how many times do you click on banner ads??) or are they are paying a monthly fee to be listed in a mortgage directory (along with 100+ competing mortgage companies).

This same company contacts us and says, "We've paid xx dollars to submit our web site to over 500 search engines.   Our company really expected to start getting more Internet business, but it hasn't."

  • How are new customers going to find your web site when you are not highly ranked in the search engines ?
  • How do highly ranked companies get listed in the top search engines positions?

Marketing statistics show that 90% of web customers use the major search engines (Excite, AOL, Lycos, Hot Bot, Alta Vista, etc.) to find the products & services they want. And 90% of these same customers only look at the top 30 search engine listings. 

In other words, if you are not top ranked you are losing a lot of potential new business.

The Problems:

"How can our company increase mortgage sales from our web site?"

"How do we get our web site listed at the top of the search engines to increase business?"

The Solutions:

Just "showing up" on the Internet with your corporate web site doesn't translate to being successful.  A strong and profitable Internet presence requires being highly ranked in the major search engines where the majority of potential customers are looking for your services.

Only a handful of experienced companies specialize in this complex and ever changing marketing area of Internet search engines.  Getting highly ranked involves a very technical and specialized web site structure & design process that changes constantly. Our staff of expert HTML search engine programmers and our extensive knowledge of the Internet mortgage industry will help get your company highly ranked.

Make sure your mortgage company has a strong Internet presence and you will find the Internet will become your most "cost effective salesperson". provides complete and total outsourcing for all your corporate search engine marketing needs.  Due to the diversity and complexity involved with the unique keywords required by our clients, we create a specific pricing proposal based upon the difficulty and number of competing mortgage web sites.

beacons beach
beacons beach