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Feel the rhythm of the ocean beneath you
as you cast your eyes to shore.  

Sense the weight of pressures from the land bound world evaporate from your view.

Now look to the South and witness the oncoming rage that was created by the chaos of Antarctic winter storms, many miles away.

 With purpose in your heart, confidence in your command and knowingness in your ability, guide your board shoreward, and prepare to harness the energy which was anger, just days ago. 

The fury of the ocean not only creates the waves, it also kindles the flame in your belly, and the calmness in being, as you effortlessly stroke and glide into the rising, magnificent peak. 

Any emptiness within your being is filled and fueled by the passion of the waves and this, in turn, ignites the fire in your soul.

You respect her power as the wave lifts, then unfolds, revealing a solitary path of safety, of excitement, of glory.

 As you stand, acknowledge the alchemy occurring between your soul, ocean and earth:  gravity is transformed into grace and fluid motion begets internal emotion.

 Revel in your drop from the crest, to only find yourself, seconds later, rising along the face; merging with the flow of nature.

 As you allow your fingertips to softly caress the nape of the wave, you wonder,

“Is it really the ocean caressing you?”

 Fully immerse yourself in this very moment, as time is suspended, awareness become acute and movement is extended.

Many states rush your senses:  grandeur, peace, joy, expression, and freedom.

You wonder, “Is it the soles of your feet that allow this experience, or is the feat of your soul?" Allow this 11’4” sculpture to answer your question.

Can you really step upon the surface of the sea and be supported?

Not if you stand here and read this; but you can when you acquire this surfboard.

You can experience the parting of the seas with your investment of just:

$475, or about a penny wave (original cost was $750),

A small expenditure which will answer the question: 

Dominate any break.


beacons beach

Just point and go... 




more info

Catch any wave.


.beacons beach

Original $750 - Just $475 

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