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The Sandman Cometh.

From June 5th through June 15th, Beacon's Beach received 130,000 cubic yards of sand as part of the San(d) Diego Beach Sand Project.

sand for beacon's beach starts

A sand barge vacuumed sand from outside the kelp beds and then used a pipe to deposit the clean sand on our beach. It was disastrous to marine life such as skates, starfish, and sea snails, while to tourists and seagulls, it's a beach bonanza!!!! See pictures on how the sand has changed

ship dredging sand for beacons beach



Cubic Yards

North Carlsbad

South Carlsbad State Beach

Batiquitos (South Carlsbad State Beach), Encinitas

Leucadia, State Beach, Encinitas ** BEACONS **

Moonlight State Beach, Encinitas

Cardiff State Beach, Encinitas

Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach

Del Mar

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego

Mission Beach, San Diego

Imperial Beach



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