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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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When traveling from Beacon's Beach, to far away surfing locations, like Grandview and Stonesteps, here are a few items you may want to consider taking...

* Arrange for a pets and plants
* Turn off water and electrical appliances
* Leave your keys with a friend
* Advise the police
* Cancel the newspaper
* Arrange for mail pick-up
* Carry valuables and a few toiletries in a "carry on" shoulder bag. There are often delays and temporary lost pieces of luggage. 

* Passport, Visa or ID (make extra photocopy for emergency)
* Tickets
* Driving license (make extra photocopy for emergency)
* Credit cards, check book
* Money 
* Travelers Checks 
* Two sets of car keys (if driving to airport)
* Vaccination certificate (if required) 
* Kids
* Itinerary 
* Hotel confirmation 
* Rental car confirmation 
* Emergency phone numbers 
* International callback or calling card to make calls
* PCS phone
* Business cards (pack in checked luggage)
* Permits

* Personal medication
* First aid kit (bandages, plasters, snake bite kit, etc.)
* First aid booklet 
* Towel
* Mosquito repellent
* Matches, lighters and candles
* Torch
* Toiletries
* Malaria pills
* Emergency blankets
* Address book
* Tooth brush, tooth paste
* Small pair of scissors
* Notebooks, pens, stationery
* Guide books, maps
* Binoculars
* Sunglasses, sun block cream
* Sewing kit
* Earplugs
* Glasses - contacts (extra pair if prescription)
* Kleenex extra toilet paper roll
* Aspirin
* Deodorant
* Brush - Comb
* Razor, blades, shave cream
* Nail clippers
* Iodine pills
* Soap (laundry and bath) 
* Shampoo 
* Cosmetics 
* Dental floss
* Soap
* Shampoo & conditioner
* Hairspray and any other styling products 
* Hair dryer 
* Towel
* Moisturizer
* Feminine hygiene 
* Lip balm
* Condoms 

* Shirts
* Long-sleeved jerseys or shirts
* T-shirts
* Rain gear water proof, lightweight jacket
* long pants, lightweight 
* Underwear
* Swimsuits
* Jeans
* Sun hat - brimmed hat that won't blow off
* Jewelry 
* Belts 
* Dresses 
* Gloves 
* Handbag, Dress & Travel 
* Hose 
* Robe or Beach Coat 
* Cuff Links, Tie Clasp 
* Handkerchiefs, Scarves 
* Pajamas 
* Plastic bags for dirty clothes

* Sandals
* Tennis-type shoes 
* Extra socks
* Spare shoes (hiking boots)
* Flip-flops 

* Solarez ding repair
* Surf wax (tropical, warm, cool, whatever)
* Sturdy board bag
* Extra fins
* Duct tape
* Surfing magazines to trade with locals
* Surfboard
* Booties or reef walkers
* Leash plus extra leash
* Wetsuit
* Stoke 

* Knapsack or foldaway bag for short excursions
* Camera, lenses and film
* Video camera, extra batteries, extra tape
* CD players and CD's, batteries & headphones 
* Binoculars
* Small radio
* Swiss-army knife
* Plastic utensils
* Corkscrew
* Anything you can't buy, ie favorite chocolate bar...
* Laptop computer with charger & extra battery
* Travel alarm clock 
* Clothesline and clips 
* Spot remover 
* Reading materials (books, etc.) 
* Pen and paper 
* Addresses and stamps 
* Foreign language/English pocket dictionary
* GPS Receiver and area maps loaded if available
* Solar cell calculator for converting currency
* Wall Power Socket Adapter
* Bungee cords
* Can opener
* Bottle opener
* Extra shoe laces
* Super glue
* Safety pins
* Portable Water Purifier 
* Water purifying tablets
* Vitamins
* Motion sickness tablets
* Whistle 
* Signaling Mirror 
* Personal Defense Spray 

* Tent
* Axe
* Rope
* Backpack
* Fire extinguisher
* Knife
* Tools
* Kettle, coffee pot, frying pan
* Tin opener
* Cutlery
* Fire wood
* Table, folding chairs
* Garbage plastic bags
* Mugs, plates
* Vacuum flask
* Water bottle
* Toilet paper
* Flashlight and batteries
* Food

* Air mattresses
* Sleeping bag
* Mosquito nets
* Blankets 

Personal First Aid Kit (Assumes a minimum group of 4 persons)
Essential: (To be carried by each walker)
1 Container (E.g. Zippered pouch in waterproof plastic bag)
8 Pain killing tablets
2 10cm x 2.3m heavy duty crepe bandages
1 8x10cm waterproof island dressing 
1 Emergency reflective foil blanket (E.g. Surgipack)
1 Triangular bandage (E.g. Surgipack)
1 Accident Action List
1 Medical Evacuation Form

4 Antihistamine tablets
4 Bandaid elastic fabric strips or patches (E.g. Handyplast)
2 Antiseptic swabs (E.g. Betadine Swab Aids)
2 Safety pins - 1 large + 1 medium
2 Small sachets of salt (E.g. McDonalds)
1 "Stingose" 25ml spray
1 5x7cm non-adherent wound dressing pad (E.g. Telfa)
1 Splinter probe - double ended (E.g. Manicare)
1 Strong slant tweezers S/S or gold tipped (E.g. Manicare)
1 2.5cm x 5m waterproof tape (E.g. Leukoplast)
1 Strong needle + thread
1 Scissors + nail file (trimming toe nails on long trips)
1 Pair of latex gloves .

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