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Welcome to the Beacon's Beach Newsletter.

Please forward this to a friend of Beacon's - thanks.

I know it has been a while since I said I would send this, but I had to take another HTML course this summer...

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> GOT STOKE? GIVE STOKE?
I have two used short boards, both around 6'6". They totally shred, dude. If you know someone who could use a bit of stoke, email me and I will let them have a board for free. Stoked?

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> FISHING REPORT
I have been fishing with Brandon out by the kelp beds. Caught a legal White Bass and had it for dinner. There are some 'cuda out there, plus tons of corbina in the surf. Lots of mackerel, not many bites.

Send me your fish stories.

It is has been cloudy all summer - call your favorite TV weatherperson and complain! Also ask them for more surf reports!

We added local weather info to our surf cam page

The surf has been small all summer :((

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> PICTURES NEEDED
Do you have old pictures of Beacon's? Are you a local, or were you at one time, if so, do you have a picture you would like me to add? If so can I scan them or can you send a digital image to me? Thanks :)

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> HERE IS THE BREAKING NEWS....

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> LEUCADIA BLVD. DUE TO GET MAKE-OVER 8-08-2002
The City of Encinitas is preparing for a 10 month, $1.8 million dollar make over for Leucadia Blvd. starting October of 2003. Plan on a longer commute to your favorite break.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> AN ARTIFICIAL REEF AT MOONLIGHT? 8-08-2002
The Army corps is looking into Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach, Moonlight in Encinitas, and Carlsbad beach in Carlsbad for an experimental project to help prevent erosion by putting in an artificial reef to retain sand. The reef should also make for good fishing and surfing :).

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> ATTACK OF THE KILLER SQUIDS? 7-20-2002
The San Diego Union reports that the 2-foot jumbo squids are washing up by the dozens along the shore from Imperial Beach to Encinitas. Read More.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> DRILLING FOR OIL? 7-8-2002
City authorizes core samples on bluff top to determine stability for new stairway.
Picture at

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> THE 5TH ANNUAL NEPTUNE AVENUE PARADE 7-4-2002
Bigger than the Rose Bowl Parade, more floats than the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, more fun than.... well, you get the idea. The 5th Annual Neptune Avenue Parade was the largest in its brief history. Hundreds participated and millions lined Neptune Avenue. See all the pictures at

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> SEX OFFENDERS LIVING NEAR BEACONS 7-3-2002
Go to the Encinitas Sheriff's Department map

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> ATTACK OF THE KILLER CRABS 5-7-2002
Red Tuna Crabs have been washing up on Beacons Beach. Read more in the San Diego Union Tribune.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN PART II 5-6-02
Phil Cotton, interim Director of Community Services gave us an update on the proposed stairway. He said that a grant for the state for $2M has been obtained and as of now, preliminary surveying had been done. Next it will enter a concept design phase, which is expected to take six months.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> MOONLIGHT BEACH COUNCIL MEETING 2-13-2002 
Master Plan to be decided - more info at

Local musician Peter Sprague is profiled in the February 2002 issue.

The San Diego Union Tribune profiles Carolyn and Doug, and how they met via surfing. It was love at first drop in. "Surfing is the toughest thing I've ever had to do," she said. "I wanted to surf so bad, I had to marry the guy." Read the whole story at the Tribune.

The Coast News details the latest info. (But they have no archives on their web site, so we scanned it)

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> ENCINITAS NAMED TOP 10 SURF TOWN 2-1-2002 
We knew it, now the world does...

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> BEACON'S BEACH TO GET NEW $2.7M STAIRWAY 1-30-2002
The North County Times reports the latest on the new stairway.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 
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<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> MORE BREAKING NEWS AT

><{{{"> Stairway to Heaven - Part 2 8-25-2001

><{{{"> A Rolling Stone (Steps) gathers no sand. 8-17-2001

><{{{"> San Diego Union features 8-11-2001 ==>> My Favorite

><{{{"> San Diego Union Tribune Gets Local 7-19-2001

><{{{"> Red Tide Outbreak 7-10-2001

><{{{"> Meteorologist Matt Baylow of News 8 Reports Live 7-5-2001

><{{{"> Neptune Avenue Explodes 7-4-2001

><{{{"> The Sandman Cometh 6-10-2001

><{{{"> Palapa Angels Strike 6-10-2001

><{{{"> Stairway to Heaven? 6-5-2001

><{{{"> Tower of Power? 6-5-2001

><{{{"> Beacon's Beach in Outside Magazine

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 
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<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> LOTS OF PHOTO'S

If you haven't seen them yet, I have two virtual photo tours: 
Beacon's Beach To Grandview.
Beacon's Beach to Stone Steps to Moonlight

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> NEXT ISSUE OF BREAKING NEWS: Set 1 - Wave 2
><{{{"> I will be uploading a virtual photo tour of the Beacon's path, before construction starts.
><{{{"> Read a review of the new Blue Crush movie.
><{{{"> I will interview a local surfer.
><{{{"> A cool new Beacon's Beach calendar will be created.
><{{{"> I am looking for the article Ari wrote about Beacon's in the Coast News, anyone know how to contact him?
><{{{"> Do you have local information for me to add? Email Me
><{{{"> and much more... in the next issue.

Write me with your comments
Please forward this to a friend of Beacon's - thanks.

Gotta go, there is a swell on the way...

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