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Welcome to Set 1, Wave 2 of the Beacon's Beach Newsletter.

Please forward this to a friend of Beacon's - thanks.

If I don't have your first name, (your first name is here - "FIRST NAME" it's empty if I don't have it) or if I haven't spelled your first name correctly (sorry), please help me fix it:

If I inadvertently included you on my mailing list, please click here to be removed:
(Blame it on dad)

<"}}}>< 1,000 sunsets: Hey, there is one every evening.
We are starting a project called 1,000 sunsets. We are going to take pictures of sunsets, almost every day and present them so you can see the beauty of any you may have missed, and how the sun moves across the horizon during the seasons.
Here is the start

Here is a sample page

We created an online calendar, with a new picture of Beacon's every day AND with a live surf cam shot (hit refresh to update the surf cam). We created a link to click, on the top right to make it your home/start page.

Local surfer Ari Marsh, relunctantly leaves his beloved break for, oh-my-gawd, the east coast. His “Leucadia Surfer Bids Farewell” appeared in the Coast News. Read his article, them email him to let him know what he is missing.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 
Holiday Gift Ideas
Refuel your favorite surfer with chocolate!!

Waves flat? How about a surf video?
<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 

<"}}}>< Swami's surf history
New section detailing the history of Swami's by the former owner of Sunset Surfboards.

<"}}}>< HERE IS THE BREAKING NEWS.... ><{{{">
Full details on all the breaking news, below, can be found at
these are just the headlines.

<"}}}>< Dropping In 12-3-2002
New lane changes on Leucadia Boulevard causing problems. Too many cars, too few lanes.

<"}}}>< Local Surfer/Artist Donates 11-22-2002
Long time Beacon's surfer Rodney McCoubrey donates proceeds to hospice. Read more

<"}}}>< Update On Beacon's Beach Stairs 11-6-2002
We contacted Phil Cotton, Director of Community Services, at the city of Encinitas and he wrote, 
>>Nothing new at this time - we are however making progress on our soils / geological studies of area. As soon as we complete geo work we will be looking to develop a concept for access and then conduct a Community workshop. <<

><{{{"> Running of the Bulls 10-5-2002
Encinitas celebrates its birthday with run along Neptune Avenue. This won't be mistaken for the New York Marathon.

><{{{"> Led Zeppelin, Bongs & Condoms 9-21-2002
Bob Rogers reports that The California Coastal Commission had its annual beach clean up with 68 volunteers. Among the items found included 2 crack pipes, 1 very long bong, 1 - Led Zeppelin 33rpm lp (actually 1/2 of one). Groovy. Guess how many total pounds of trash were picked up from our beach...

><{{{"> Beacon's Vampire Surfing Association forms 8-30-2002
A crew of several surfers have created the Beacon's Vampire Surfing Association. When asked what the vampire qualifications are, a member replied, surf when it is dark. Attend a meeting, typically 90 minutes before sunrise, every day of the week. By the time dawn patrol surfers arrive, the Vamp's have ridden scores of uncrowded waves.

><{{{"> New Encinitas resort planned 8-28-2002
Preliminary work begins at site of Encinitas resort - Luxury hotel plans to charge $400-$600 a night for rooms. Read more.

Full details on all the breaking news, above, can be found at

><{{{"> Do you have local information for me to add?

<"}}}>< GOT STOKE? BOARDS FOR SALE ><{{{">

Need a new stick? Check this brand new 6'1" shredder out:

How about a surf kayak?

The 9'1" El Nino Gun?

Or a crowd-pleasing 11' log?

We added local weather info to our surf cam page, check it out.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 
The holidays are almost here - remember to check our link for gifts for you favorite beachgoers including surf books, surf videos, surf clothing, surf everything...

Also, here are locals with web sites - check them out for gifts:

DrySpot:So much more than a seat cover, this universal fitting waterproof seat towel is an essential element for every vehicle & household! This moisture absorbing towel with it's waterproof barrier does not let moisture penetrate through onto your upholstery and it also prevents moisture from penetrating through from wet grass, bleachers or sand.

Native Threads: Hats, tee-shirts with contemporary Indian imagery and an American Native motif.

Kahuna Bob: Work is for those who don't know how to surf... Give a surf lesson certificate to the unenlightened.

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> <"}}}>< ><{{{"> 

from Jim Raymond
from Jim Raymond
from Ryan Redfield

<"}}}>< PICTURES NEEDED ><{{{">

Do you have old pictures of Beacon's? Are you, or were you, a local and would like to send a picture for me to add? If so, can I scan them or can you send a digital image to me? Thanks :)

<"}}}>< ><{{{"> NEXT ISSUE OF BREAKING NEWS: Set 1 - Wave 3

><{{{"> Behind the boards...
We are adding more detailed information on local surfers, and an online form so you can tell us about yourself, beach stories and surfer lore. 

><{{{"> Local Beacon's Profiles
Kenzie will be interviewing locals and doing featured articles on locals.

><{{{"> and much more... in the next issue.

Write me with your comments

! ! ! O n l i n e A r c h i v e s ! ! !
Check out any back issues you may have missed.

Please forward this to a friend of Beacon's - thanks.

Gotta go, there's a swell on the way...

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