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Welcome to Set 2, Wave 1 of the Beacon's Beach Newsletter, which tries to be issued as often as a major swell comes to Beacon's - Twice a year or so...

Please forward this to a friend of Beacon's - thanks.

In this issue:
><{{{"> An update on the proposed Beacon's Beach "stairs"
><{{{"> The SIXTH annual Neptune Avenue July 4th parade
><{{{"> "Hey, I am local - add me to" info
and more...

The City of Encinitas has a proposed layout to stabilize the bluff. The goal was to not change the character of Beacon's, or in local speak, "Keep Leucadia Funky." The bluff is too geologically unstable to do wood stairs like at Swami's, D Street or Grandview Beach. Highlights of the proposal include:

* A protective seawall will be built at the base of the bluff 
* A permanent life guard tower will be built 
* The face of the bluff at Beacon's Beach will be filled in with a clay/dirt soil fill and compacted. 
* A winding pathway made of a "comfortable" aggregate will traverse the bluff after the fill dirt is complete. 
* The sidewalk at the top of the bluff will be backed up to provide a margin of safety and subsequently the parking lot will be redesigned with a likely scenario that will cause pull in parking directly from Neptune Avenue. 
* The parking issue caused the most discussion at the City Hall meeting.

The project could start in 9-12 months and then take as long as 4-6 months to complete and it is anticipated that the beach access will be closed. arrg...

The City of Encinitas was kind enough to send over the architectural drawings in pdf format (meaning you may have to go to to get a viewer if you browser won't show the pictures - you can find the proposals

We have received over 20 emails so far with comments and recommendations on the proposal.

We will take all the comments and upload to the site and send copies to the City - you will remain anonymous :)

Contact us


Bigger Than Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - The Neptune Avenue Fourth of July Parade will march right past Beacon's - arrive early and get a good seat.

This gala event will begin at 3:30 pm at the corner of Athena and Neptune Avenue.

The SIXTH annual Neptune Avenue Parade occurs on July 4th at 3:30pm. They need floats, flags, patriotic dress and anything else to liven the spirits. Expecting lots of marching (staggering), horn honking and general good times. Call 760-439-1898 for details, ask for Lawrence of Leucadia (not to be confused with Kenzie of Leucadia)

See pictures from last year's parade

You would be amazed, well, maybe not, at how many "Beacon's locals" there are around the world. Kenzie receives many emails from locals asking questions or commenting on how "it used to be." 

We have added a new web page called "Behind The Boards." It has an easy form for you to add your own personal info, and a picture if you have one, to the site. 

Please go to
and add yourself to the site... Do it now - YEAH RIGHT NOW:)

Calley writes, Aloha All,

If you know someone who wants a fabulously well located home in Waimea (Big Island) to caretake from July 28 to August 2. Cost is $250. per week (our basic costs) and we have two wonderful outdoor small dogs and cats to feed and plants to water once a week. Makes a great personal retreat home or cheap vacation for a family of four. Looking for someone very neat and clean, highly responsible and non smoking.

Our house is very small and humble, yet filled with mana and light, and just 15 to 20 minutes from the finest beaches on this healing island.

much love, Calley 

For more info contact Calley directly

See the surfboards for sale - current inventory includes:
Joe Blair 10'2", Brand new 6'1", Wayne Rich 11'1", 6' Boysen, Sit on top surf kayak, 10'10" Super Gun. See pictures of the boards at

Do you have a surfboard for sale that you would you like to add? Email Kenzie with your info and a picture.


SARS outbreak? 5-27-03
Almost two years after the sand replenishment project, the reefs have SARS - Surf Altering Reef Sand. Yes it is true, the once great reef breaks of Beacon's appear to be buried under at least a foot of sand. Resulting in poor quality waves and the general migration of surfers to other breaks.

Do you have comments on the sand - on the surf break?
Contact us

><{{{"> Beacon's Stairway Update 6-5-03
Tentative design will fill the hill, close the trail for 4-6 months, have a new parking lot design and provide a new safer path. The first of many City of Encinitas meetings revealed the first details of the proposed changes to the path and beacons. Read all about it and see the layout.

><{{{"> Murder in Leucadia? 4-27-03
Police block off Neptune Avenue to investigate body..

><{{{"> Leucadia to get Unfunky? 4-12-03
Encinitas did it, but will Leucadia. Read about how monies may be available to clean-up the 101 merchants.

><{{{"> Attack of the Killer Jellyfish? 4-23-03
They are back - those pesky purple-blue jellyfish are turning up on Beacon's Beach. Read about these by-the-wind sailors of the sea.

><{{{">Look out J.Lo and Pamela Lee 3-31-03
Kathryn, a local surfer and RN at Scripps is being featured on Maternity at the Lifetime TV channel.

More "Breaking News" info at

<"}}}>< PICTURES NEEDED ><{{{">

Do you have old pictures of Beacon's? Are you, or were you, a local and would like to send a picture for me to add? If so, can I scan them or can you send a digital image to me? Thanks :)
Contact us

! ! ! O n l i n e A r c h i v e s ! ! !
Check out any back issues you may have missed.

Please forward this to a friend of Beacon's - thanks.

Comments about this newsletter? Write Kenz with what is on your mind.

Contact us

Gotta go, there's a swell on the way...

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