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Doctor Surfsalot

Beacon's local: Walter Laughlin
But they call me: Doctor Surfsalot
I am a: ex-local dude
I've been a local for: 5-10 years
My favorite break: Main break (South), used to be in the early AM crowd.
I work/school at: Use to work at Sharp Mission Park Medical Group
My favorite Beacon's story or memory or observation:
Sounds kooky, but here goes. I was curious and just wanted to see if by visualizing myself playing with a dolphin I could get one to show up. (I told you this was kooky). I paddled out to the kelp beds and sat on my board. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was playing in the water, while my mind tried to "beam" onto the mind of a dolphin as we became one together. I worked at this for about 40 minutes and nothing happened except missing some waves. I paddled back into the line up and acted as if nothing happened, feeling a bit foolish. I had been back at the break for only a couple minutes when I suddenly noticed a dolphin with it's head out of the water about six feet from me. I stared at him/her for a couple seconds in suprise and it went down. That was it. I have seen dolphins at Beacons many times, so that was just a coincidence....right?
My favorite board or activity at Beacon's:
Longboarder, usually my blue 9'2". I tried to drop in on Rod on his 11' tanker as much as I could. Moved to North Carolina about two years ago. Surf here sucks.

A great long board break. Most of the locals there are cool and mellow. Not a lot of hot rodders, except of course Rod in his sleek surfing machine (the "barge") gracefully traversing the face of the wave while clearing out the crowd for me to go next... It's fun to sit out there on the break and watch those houses fall down the bluffs.

Additional info:
Beacons, the local shops/restaurants and their owners, and this sense of spirituality that exists there that I just can't put my finger on.

Favorite Local Restaurants:
Big Daddy's: great food and guiness on tap. Papa Gus: best breakfast burrito anywhere and Ray is a great guy. Pannikin: no better place for a cup of Jo after a sizzlin' session at the break. Cool morning crowd. Honey's: best honey doughnuts and caramel coffee anywhere. Encinitas Cafe: most inventive breakfasts around.

What makes a local?
Love and respect for what makes Leucadia what it is: its people and the ocean.


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