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Jerome (Jerry) Peacock

Beacon's local: Jerome (Jerry) Peacock
I am a: local dude
I've been a local for: 21+ years
My favorite break: I used to surf Bamboo's a lot, when it was on in the 70s. But it doesn't break like it used to. South peak rights are sometimes a great alternative to crowded Swami's or Cardiff or Black's in the winter.
Link to  my web site:
My favorite Beacon's story or memory or observation:
     Here's a good story. ask the old locals about cesar. he was a short, heavy, 50-60 year old drunk who more or less lived on the balcony at beacons, when there was a balcony. he had dark curly hair and looked like a grizzled greek sailor. he'd passout in the summer sun, piss stain fresh across his pants. but he was a really sweet guy. then he died one day, perhaps about 1980. he was a local. i heard he had some family somewhere.

     I also notice a lot of locals from the 70s missing from your list. there were a lot of us young turks down there ripping on singles, twins and later tri-fins when that was new. it was the heyday at beacon's, with crochet bikinis, longboards, singlefins and then new shaped. and the waves seemed better. more sand. most people i see down there these days haven't been around long. lots of wealthy guys on new long boards paddling around like they've been there forever. gotta have lots of dough to buy a house and be a "local" now. these new locals see old locals like me, guys who maybe don't surf beacon's everyday, and there's a bit of attitude sometimes in the water. then it's all about wave knowledge. getting real crowded in north county now. that's why i bailed in February for the surf up here. but i still love beacons. my home spot since 1965.

Bamboo's with Tom and Mike (where are they now), big winter storm surf, getting a ride up the hill from Steve Watson in his '43 Chevy truck, watching huge Jeff Helmerson doing 360s with a 3" fin in his pintail, parties, camping and summer sex on the beach, 30 years of sunsets from the water. The list of memories is long.

It is a rather unremarkable wave in general, but it's pretty central to my universe.

Additional info:
Although I moved to Vancouver Island 02/2003, I will always be a Leucadia boy. Thankfully my folks still have a bed for me there.

Favorite Restaurants:
We used to ravage the Sub Palace and pillage the 7-11.

What makes a local?
Local is a matter of degree. If you can remember the Little Red Store, then you're definately a local.


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