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Beacon's local: Michael Fowler
But they call me: Mick
I am a: ex-local dude
I've been a local for: since before leashes were invented
My favorite break: Man I Haven`t Been Able to get outta Town In so long! Proably to long ago to remember when! So Many Breaks & so many waves ago ~ But Maybe One of these Days
I work/school at: La jolla
My favorite Beacon's story or memory or observation:
70-74 YMCA SurfClub Counciler & Lifeguard ~try to watch 40 kids and My girl friend Kathy along with Debbie Melville Teaching kids to surf in summers! Before when it really got crowded ! Had some Perfect sessions ~ Got The most perfect tube ride there in 72!
My favorite board or activity at Beacon's:
old Donald Takayama or Hynson or frye , Velsy
Additional info:
Favorite part of Encinitas:
No leashes on me or my dog & Stones Steps when it was just stepsdown the Dirt Lot! Windansea or South at {GreenWall} at Lj shores, Blacks, Swammi`s + cardiff & 9 th st Del Mar, Tamarin Bay, Mauritus or HanaleiBay.Kauai - Rockys Point & LogCabins & All in Honolulu In Town with all the old Brahs

What do you enjoy most about Beacons?
Summer of 72 ~ Got the Best Perfect tube ride ! on a short brewer/surfboardshawaii HansensSurfShop ! Some Missed Old friends

Favorite restaurant:
4# Brigatine ,3# prime Ten for high rolling Babes & 2# Chart house for surf & turf ~ & #1 Peters J`s Cardiff Best Los olas

What makes a local?
akin sure we all keep the Non-regulars & Goofys alert and Clean up & recyling for Mother Earth with Great Aloha Spirit & Huna friendly Enviroment! Bring some Wax , Dreams are Surfing with The diva`s & dudes all day riding 6-8ft long rides & Aloha ~M~


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