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The Sponger Kid

Beacon's local: Danny
But they call me: The Sponger Kid
I am a: local dude
I've been a local for: 2-5 years
My favorite break: I just normally go where the herd is. Which is normally on the left of the beach (look out to the ocean)
I work/school at: I go to San Marcos High School
Link to  my web site:
My favorite Beacon's story or memory or observation:
I really don't have a favorite story....But I the best days ever or when it's a good like 4-5 foot day with good form, and everyone is out there having the time of there life screaming at the top of there lungs. It's the best time ever. (We haven't had a day like that in a while :-(
My favorite board or activity at Beacon's:
Additional info:
What do you enjoy most about Beacons?
I love the break, even though it can really suck sometimes but it's still fun every beach has it's bad days, I also like the people; there all vary friendly. And not a** hole like other people like at swamis. And other beaches like that.

Favorite Restaurant:
Kotija! They have the best carne asada!!!!

What makes a local?
I think just going all the time. And know all the locals there (even if you don't know their name)


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