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Hey, I like Beacon’s Beach… so my dad helped me (a lot) with this web site. My mom, well, she helped too. She took out all the smart ass comments my dad made… (most of them.) 

Hope you like Beacon’s too 🙂

I guess I started learning early about computers.  Here I am showing mom how to hack into the Toys-R-Us web site.  She was really mad when the truck pulled up the next day with hundreds of toys and computer games I ordered.

Dad also helped me find the best deals on surf videossurfing booksboogie boards and other surf stuff; even a way to pick up free money – $5.

If you want to be included in this site, and you are a local, send (attach as a file) your scanned picture (gif or jpg format) taken ONLY at Beacon’s Beach (sorry, no tube rides in Hawaii or pics of your surfboard at Trestle’s).  If you don’t have a scanned image of you, email me to find out where to mail your picture and we will scan it.

We welcome sunsets, skaters, power walkers, joggers, kite flyers, surfers, skateboarders and other locals :))

If you send a your picture already scanned, you will get in within a week.  If you need it scanned, it will be closer to month, says dad.

Of course, my dad (mom) has final say as to what gets on my web site :0

Please be nice, I am just learning how to do this…

Locals Share...