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Beacons Path Proposal Comments.

Many locals have emailed us with their comments on the proposed Beacon's Beach project. Here are their comments:


We defenitely don't need more parking and thereby increased traffic at Beacons. Lights are a bad idea too. We wouldn't be able to see the phosphorescense at red tide. More bike parking and the speed bumps are a good idea. Parking shoud continue to face southwest and exit to Leucadia Blvd. The city just needs to keep the whole are clean and make the path down as stable as possible and as safe as possible, there's no need to make this proposed parklike area at the top. People come to Beacons for the the natural beauty of the ocean, not some artificial park.

Hello! wake up! as long as they keep building homes poulation is going to mutiply, i have never heard so much b.s. i think they should install tissue boxes along neptune for the cry babies. Beacons is just fine the way it is, it works dont try to fix it. This web site probably causes more damage than anything else. why not just fly a banner behind an airplane and advertise along the coast. 'Beacons Beach' horrible surf most of the time but a great place to go if you want to hear allot winning from the locals.

I have read all the comments below, and the following appears to be true:
* The cars need to face the ocean
* There needs to be preferred parking for bikes to encourage this type of traffic
* The parking lot needs to retain the ability to turn around and exit to Leucadia Blvd. as it does now, even if that means a lot fewer spaces. The safety issues of backing into Neptune Avenue and the additional traffic on Jaspar probably won't work.
* Locals who do drive to Beacon's are going to have to walk an extra block to get to their favorite beach.
* Regardless, we still need speed bumps on Neptune at Beacon's as there are too many kids for all the fast drivers. RLA

I grew up on Neptune from the age of 5 years old in 1950. My parents are still residing there (now I live on Bulcan) I remember when it was quiet and I was the only one on the beach most of the time because that was my back yard.
I don't like the traffic now and the amount of people there it should be kept small and little parking. The old steps used to be huge telephone poles sunk into the cliff ground and rail road tire walking path until Encinitas changed the path and took out the old ramp and put in a cement side walk which I think made the erosion worse and caused the collapse of the cliff the old wooden ramp going straight down at an angle was alright and stayed there for a very long time, I miss the benches that jutted out because we could watch the fireworks from there in Oceanside we could have bon fires on the beach and everyone stood around to get warm especially when it was a cold day I miss those days it has changed to much but I guess we can't stop progress or city people coming here to get away from the city and changing their new home to a city again what they were trying to move from.
I hope we can keep Neptune going one way as it is now and the parking lot small I like the idea of new stairs made from huge telephone polls and railroad tires. SP

What has to happen is for a child to get hit or run over by a car doing at least 40 before the city does anything about Neptune Ave's speed limit. Unfortunately, a child must die before anybody gets it. Whats' wrong with us as a community? Beacons is not a public beach like moonlight beach. Its' a quiet neighborhood place. Help us, please , make it safe for our kids and our dogs. Beacons should be also safe and no parking or very limited parking. We have a dog but I'm glad there are no more dogs allowed because of the smell. AL

I like it, wish it was done already. -KB

The city is treating Beacon's like it is a destination or a building by trying to accommodate all that parking. Beacon's is a LOCAL neighborhood beach and needs to be designed and treated as such. I suggest making bike rack prominent and adding 25 bike rack spaces on both sides of the path - where parking was suggested. It will provide priority "parking" for those who bike as they will be closest to the path, and by having 50 spaces, it will encourage biking. -BS

I like the cars driving the way they do now. having cars drive in directly will cause madness. Or make Neptune Avenue flow one way, the other way, it will resolve more of the parking flow issue. -RC

Hey, a lifeguard stand with electric, water and a phone. and a shower. wooaaaa serious upgrades! -JC

What is the path material going to be made of?

If you are concerned with parking, just condemn the houses to the south with the ugly rock fill in our bluff, and use that as parking as well.

Parking needs to exit at Leucadia Blvd, not north on Neptune - I don't want all that traffic past my home.

Make it blend in with the neighborhood instead of an eyesore, just make it a real park there and forget the parking

It is irresponsible to try and make Beacon's like Moonlight, Swami's or Grandview. Those beaches have plenty of parking, Beacon's doesn't and never will. -TD

I like the design and think it will be great for the community. Having said that, I wouldn't oppose it they just closed Beacons and made it a "viewing" point only. -BR

I see the problems you mentioned about the traffic flow. I say screw the total number of spots, and make it so people can still turn around and come back through the lot and park facing the ocean. If we lose spots, we lose spots. Those people can either walk a block or go somewhere else and surf. -MK

Just leave it like it is. -JR

I looked at the proposed path layout on your site. It looks like good intentions, but the same way that the engineers who designed a spray can thinking "this will really help the weekend handyman to paint his grill or his patio furniture," but comes to find out that graffiti artists use his product in a bad way, is the same with the path. People will not stay on the path and the hill will be riddled with short cuts and it will look like a graffitti artists has had a field day. It needs to be corrected through design so that people don't short cut the hill.

What is the problem with parking?" Look at Stone Steps and D street - they have nice stairs and no parking they survive.

I am not a tree huggger but what will happen to the squirrels do they need to be relocated so they don't die.

I don't have an answer, but parking is going to be a huge problem and if there is no exit to Leucadia Blvd, you are going to have a traffic jam on Jaspar Street.

Just close it and make a view point, there are too many people here already.

Gawd I hope they are going to use some of the round Beacon's rocks in the design. It would be very short-sighted not to incorporate the rocks that lie just beneath the pumped sand.

Did anyone think about having the ability to make a contribution to the project and then having your name engraved on a Beacon's wall as a contributor?

Speed bumps - speed bumps - speed bumps is all I have to say - the city is going to get sued by drivers getting rear-ended on Neptune. SPEED BUMPS!

I DO hope that whatever is decided takes into consideration the amount of traffic on Neptune around Beacon's and the posted speed requirements. I've lived within a block of the beach for almost 15 years, and I'm tired of people speeding by the parking lot, paying no attention to the 25 mph limit. How about speed bumps? It's a safety issue: people walking, CHILDREN walking and animals (cats, dogs, etc). This is a small, small, small beach/parking area. It needs to be protected somehow.

The answers are obvious: no parking lot (the size of it is so small as to be meaningless); speed bumps all along Neptune Avenue since no one pays any attention to the speed limit, except for those who live on Neptune.

I just wish some of the guys at the City would spend some time observing the parking lot and the traffic. My son and I always are picking up trash in the parking lot and at the beach. I'm sick of the teen and twenty-somethings speeding through the parking lot. And on the street for that matter. Why have parking there at all? Can't people walk or ride their bikes?

Nobody gets it! Beacon's is NOT Moonlight Beach! Beacons' is NOT Grandview! Beacon's is a tiny outpost stuck in the middle of a residential section of Leucadia. Put a grassy knoll there -- not parking -- but leave the "Leucadia Beach" sign.

Fix the traffic on Neptune first. It's a joke. I barely let my kids ride their bicycles on Neptune, even within the white line. Put up 10 mile per hour speed signs instead of 25 -- then people might go 25 instead of 40. Then worry about the beach.

My granddaughter referred me to your site. This is very interesting. I have been surfing around these parts for more than 27 years. I happen to live on Neptune Avenue, and have done so for more than 22 years. Yes, I have seen many changes...not all good...not all bad. But I guess I have to point out the obvious. Those of us who own homes on Neptune Avenue pay, collectively, the lion's share of property taxes for Leucadia residences. As such, we are entitled to safety for our children, grandchildren, guests and pets. We deserve courtesy and cooperation from all who go to the beaches. We deserve a SAFE street and QUIET neighborhood. How would you like a daily invasion on your cul-de-sac? How would you like lots of people walking on your yard, using your water hoses, swearing at you when you said "no"? You would not like it, that I can guarantee! Why have parking at Beacon's at all? The parking that is there is minimal, unsatisfactory and a magnet for those who live in Escondido, Vista, San Marcos, etc. etc. Do we really need (or want) parking at all there? Really? I don't think so, and the neighbors I have talked with don't think so either. Heck, they're sick and tired of the high level of traffic on the street, as it is. Put your money where your mouths are, Leucadians. We pay through the nose to live on Neptune. We deserve much better than this. Make your voices heard. Call, write, fax, and email the City and let them know what's really "what". At the very least, send your emails here for all to read. [Signed, an Old, but Learned, Fart].

Send those City of Encinitas guys down to look at the parking lot at Beacon's, and the beach access. Check it out, thoroughly! It needs, the sign, some grass, some palm trees and the same beach access...that's all! Duh!!!!!

I've never responded to anything like this before. I don't live on Neptune but I walk my children up there lots. The cars go by very fast. To fast. Cant someone make them stop like the police? It is not so safe any more. Its a shame for me. Such a pretty street. The best street for a bike, but its not safe. RE

Hello! wake up! as long as they keep building homes poulation is going to mutiply, i have never heard so much b.s. i think they should install tissue boxes along neptune for the cry babies. Beacons is just fine the way it is, it works dont try to fix it. This web site probably causes more damage than anything else. why not just fly a banner behind an airplane and advertise along the coast. 'Beacons Beach' horrible surf most of the time but a great place to go if you want to hear allot winning from the locals. J.R.

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