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beacon's beach How Beacon’s got its name: the shocking truth finally revealed.

beacon's beach Beacons map:  Just where is Beacon’s Beach?

beacon's beach Local Encinitas Beaches:  Swami’s, D Street, Moonlight Beach, Stone Steps, Beacons, Grandview, etc.

beacon's beach Beach Report Card from Heal The Bay:  Water Quality results for Moonlight Beach, Beacon’s Beach, Swami’s and Batiquitos Lagoon (Carlsbad).

beacon's beach Local’s Only:  If you think you are a local, see if you are in this picture.

beacon's beach Packing for surf trips:  When going on those surfing expeditions and faraway travels in search of epic surf, you better use this travel checklist.

beacon's beach The path:  The path that leads to winds down a large hill.

beacon's beach Beacon’s from the Pacific:  The path that leads to Beacon’s as viewed from the ocean.

beacon's beach Crowded surf lineups:  Is this the most crowded surfing lineup you have ever seen?

beacon's beach Pelicans on patrol:  The true soul surfers.

beacon's beach Surfing rules of the road:  There is only a “tribal memory” of what surf rules should be… here they are

beacon's beach Wet suit care: You know you are not suppose to pee in your wet suit, but here are a few more tips on caring for your wet suit.

beacon's beach Camping in California: Camp sites in San Diego County.

beacon's beach Leucadia State Beach: Only a non-local would call us that.

beacon's beach Bluff failure: Rebecca Kowalczyk – a sad story.

beacon's beach Round rocks: Did ancient Indian civilizations transport the rocks to the top of the bluff?

beacon's beach Snow on the trail: Is that snow or a Southern California cocaine bust?

beacon's beach Crop circles: Do aliens create these mysterious patterns on the beach?

beacon's beach It never rains in Southern California: Or does it?  Proof now exists.

beacon's beach Low tide: The ebb and flow of the beach, of the seasons and of life.

beacon's beach Driftwood on the beach: There are no trees, so where did the driftwood come from?

beacon's beach Red Tide: What is red tide and how it forms in the ocean.

beacon's beach Fireworks of July 4th 2001: Awesome. And it wasn’t man made.

beacon's beach Gee, that’s swell: What is swell and how is swell direction determined?

beacon's beach Shark attacks? Could Jaws happen to you?

beacon's beach How to Fend Off a Shark: Surfers, divers and swimmers learn how to beat the man in the gray suit.

beacon's beach The Surfer: a tale dating back to B.C. (Before Cord).

Encinitas Crime Report: Read the Sheriff’s statistics.

Locals Share...