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Grant awarded to restore Beacon's beach

ENCINITAS ---- The state Department of Parks and Recreation has given the city of Encinitas a $2.8 million grant to improve access to the beach in Leucadia after a bluff collapse on Feb. 7 destroyed a portion of the trail at Beacon's beach off Neptune Avenue. 
The funds will be used to build a seawall lifeguard tower and stairway from a bluff top parking lot to the sand at Beacon's beach. Work will begin within the next six months and take about a year to complete, said Mike Stauffer, a management analyst for the city's Community Services Department. 
The city applied for the grant earlier this year and received word from the state on Monday that the funds had been awarded, Stauffer said. 
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Stairway to Heaven?

The City of Encinitas has applied for a grant to help construct a high quality stairway from the Beacon's Beach parking lot to the new sand (we hope!!!). Let's cross our fingers and see if we get a desperately needed stairway.

the long and wind road, that leads me to your... surf

The path leading to the beach has changed many times over the course of the years. While Swami's, D Street, Stone Steps and Grandview have all received high quality stairs, the bluff face at Beacon's is more geologically unstable and will involve a higher cost to make a safe and usable walkway. 

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