Nonsurfers Guide To Beacons Beach

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Beacon's Beach is a great place to surf.

The wave

Wave surfing at Beacon’s is always perfect. With four peaks concentrated within a half mile, there is an endless array of empty surfing spots. One of the peaks is perfect for goofy foot shortboarders – left-handed tubes, and runs 8-10 feet every day of the year. The second peak is perfect for regular foot shortboarders – right-handed tubes, that run 8-10 feet every day of the year. Barrel rides average 4-8 seconds for these peaks.


Of the remaining two peaks, one is perfect for goofy foot longboarders – with huge, rolling left-handed shoulders, breaking for a quarter mile, every day. The fourth wave is perfect for regular foot longboarders – with huge, rolling right-handed shoulders, breaking for a quarter mile, every day.

The local lineup

For all the waves above, rarely is there a crowd of more than 2-3 surfers at any given time. If you catch an especially great wave, it is not uncommon for your fellow surfers to wait until you triumphantly return and praise your great wave riding skills and then say, “Why don’t you take the next half dozen waves, since you are having so much fun. We will wait and watch you enjoy yourself riding epic waves.”


The Pacific Ocean, off of Beacon’s, has a mysterious ocean current that somehow transports the warm waters from the sea between Fiji and Hawaii, and gently guides 80 degree water to our local break, 365 days a year. The water is clear allowing you to view the ocean bottom at up to 100 feet. The native Indians and first European visitors are have said to discover the healing powers and anti-aging properties of the water at Beacon’s.

The weather

Beacon’s also has its own unique climate. In winter the air temperature averages 74 degrees, while in summer it is a humid free 78 degrees. Rain only falls at night and the wind is offshore all day to help the waves stand up and provide you with great rides.


You can always safely park your car and seconds after stepping out of your vehicle your feet are in the ocean. Some of the friendly locals have even been known to wax your car while you surf.

Animal life

The ocean is very safe here. Many people visit to swim with the dolphins who are said to communicate with telepathy to you and advise you on your future and many people have made millions with their investments after listening to the advice of dolphins.

It is too bad you can’t be here, Beacon’s is a great place.

Locals Share...