Sand Dredging At Beacon’s

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In the beginning there was... reef.

Beacon's, in the morning, without her make-up. She's beautiful, as always, but a little sand does wonders.
Day one: Setting up shop. The sand man cometh.
Day one: Just north of Bamboo's, in front of North Peak.
Day one: This ship vacuums sand and pipes it to the beach
Day one: Heavy duty equipment.
Day five (held hostage): Let it flow.
Second to last day: Looks like the frosting on a cake being smoothed into place.
The view from the bluff top, before the lifeguard tower is moved.
Last day: The view, looking south from Grandview. Those poor souls got grunion eggs instead.
Last day: Lots of sand. Let's hope it lasts the winter.
The first steps on the moon, er, on Beacon's.
Two weeks later: Sand fills in. The smoothed out section at the bottom right of the picture is the sand that is being transported by the flow of the ocean.
Neopolitan sand soon will give way to a mulatto blend. Low tide shows the original, bleached sand nearest the bluff; the newer, coarse brown sand at the slope going towards the water and the mulatto mixtures of bleached and brown sand at the waters edge.
Full house: Oklahoma land rush meets the French Rivera. Not a pretty picture.
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